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Best Dating Apps For Whatever You’re Looking For

When they say there’s plenty of the fish in the sea, the dating ocean can seem even more expansive. And without a round the world ticket, or a ride along the EAC the journey to find that special someone can feel like swimming up stream. A lot of effort for no reward. There’s dating apps a plenty, so it’s just about knowing which one’s right for you. And rather than reading endless reviews, or waiting for your friends Tinder relationship to progress, we’ve nailed down each platforms strengths. Go forth and swipe.


Bumble has flipped the dating game on it’s head, branding itself the feminist option. Started by a female exec who was ousted from Tinder, the first move is put in the hands of the ladies. Swipe as you would Tinder but if you make a mistake and accidentally swipe your true love away, with one shake of your phone you’ll be able to undo. The closest thing we’ll get to a real life CTRL + Z. If a match is made the woman has to reach out within 24 hours to start a conversation, meaning time is of the essence.

The median age of users is 26, so a little bit of younger skew. It’s great for confident women or guys who fear online dating’s unfamiliar territory.


The holy grail of dating apps often gets a bad rap, but for every casual fling there seems to be a burgeoning relationship. Based on a headshot, a quick snapshot of interests and a value of proximity, Tinder believes they can match you with the flick of a finger. The interface is seamless and you know what you’re getting on Tinder. Read, anyone who says they’re on here for friends is full of it.

Great for casual relationships that may turn into something more, quick connections and an ace time filler as you endlessly swipe. Median age is 26 too, but a lot of younglings bump there age so be aware. The only downfall is the value placed on the image, negating most of our other qualities quick smart. But for the selfie-obsessed or specific type daters you’re in luck.


The inspiration for Tinder, Grindr is the original swipe to find love platform. For gay men to find potential suitors by radius, Grindr is the perfect engagement of GPS technology and social networking, all in the name of romance. With 10 million users worldwide, they boast a solid pool of options, no matter your location.The options are gridded from nearest to furthest and the chat can begin from there. It’s straight up, no nonsense engagements for the bi, curious or gay man.

Ok Cupid

With 30 million users across the globe, there’s plenty of fish available on this app. With an online offering too in case laptop dating is more your game. Users are categorised by genre so you can sort through your deal breakers with ease. Not into a beard? No problem. Like a woman who travels? Tick the box right here. There’s personality quizzes, multi platform integration to make you Insta stalking much easier and a whole lot of info available before you schedule a meet up.

Perfect for the specific minded and picky daters. If you’re confident your Insta is up to scratch and your personality winning, then jump on board.


Chance meetings or attractions to passersby, a missed opportunity no more. Happn is your solution. Mapping those who you’ve crossed paths with and showing you just what your missing out on. It’s like the app embodiment of MX’s love match section, without the creepy ode to girl with blue hair.

From charming barista to beautiful barmaid, this app is ideal for making the first move with a little security. Or taking in the world around you and those in it, so you don’t miss a thing.


A little more exclusive, but if you have a social media following or a little extra clout, you may just be invited to the inner sanctum. Pairing up successful individuals without risking their profile, if you get on let us know what it’s like. An algorithm evaluates your eligibility or you can be invited by an existing member. There’s not much info on it, and that’s just how they like it. That club that has a password on the door kind of vibe.

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