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The Best Ice Creams And Desserts To Beat The Heat

The mercury is rising and we’re wondering if previous summers were ever this hot (global warming, amirite?) In between the beach (condolences if you don’t live near one), and belting the aircon at full blast (rip to the next electricity bill), there are a range of other methods to making sure you don’t melt. I personally, don’t think there’s a more enjoyable way of cooling down in the summer than ice cream.

#1 Gelato Messina – Sydney, Melbourne & Gold Coast

This is your one stop shop for gelato, sorbets and desserts, and boy, do they have a selection to choose from. They’ve got your chocolate, pistachio, fudge, peanut, and all the other flavour combinations that would take too long to write. Whatever you want, just assume they’ve got. Some of their selections even have alcohol in it for a cheeky kick, and the sorbets are sure to leave you feeling fresh with their fruity flavours, despite the temperature.

#2 Nitrogenie – Brisbane

This is taking ice cream science to the next level. Not only will you get to consume your cold dessert, but you’ll also get to see it made. They chuck the necessary ingredients into a special pot, mix it together, then add the liquid nitrogen to turn it into ice cream. They’ve got a heap of flavours like Lemon Meringue Pie, Triple Choc Brownie, New York Cheesecake and Pavlova Pash (they’re just some the ever-changing flavours).

#3 St. Louis House Of Fine Ice Cream – Adelaide

Ice cream, shakes, cocktails, desserts, St. Louis is the perfect place to go if you want variety in all things sweet. They source their ingredients from the local industry and local farmers, along with making the desserts in their own factory. They’ve got crepes decked out in add ons, served with different ice creams, waffles, beer, wine and special dessert creations.

#4 Simmo’s Ice Creamery – Western Australia

Simmo’s became so popular that residents exclaimed they all wanted stores in their neighbourhoods (Western Australia is massive, let’s not forget), so not only can you get stellar ice cream from simmo’s stores, you can also get tubs of it in supermarkets throughout WA. A range of sorbets, nutty, caramel and chocolate flavours are at your disposal – including those of a boozy nature (because why not?).

#5 Make your own

There is always the option of making your own. This can actually be great, as you can let your creativity run free with the types of flavours and toppings. All you have to do is get to the grocery store and buy as many tubs as you want (who needs self-control, anyway?). The next step is to have a wander down the confectionary aisle for anything you may want to mix in with your choice of ice cream. Maltesers, M&Ms, chocolate covered almonds, jelly candy, the options are endless.

Image Source: Gelato Messina and Adelaide Food Central 

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