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Best Instagrams For Tattoo Inspo

Though laser tattoo removal is getting better and cheaper, it’s still a worthwhile idea to do your research and really fall in love with a tattoo idea before splashing out the cash, time and discomfort/sometimes horrible pain. After my first tattoo five years ago, I filled my Instagram feed with artists whose work I wanted etched onto me; my daily scroll became my tattoo wishlist. Insta has become a haven for tattoo artists to show off their wares, so don’t come to me, hat in hand, begging for tattoo inspo – it’s all there!

The Simpsons Tattoo

@jenjen_tattoo ‘Which kind of sprinkler do you like?’ . . . . . #thesimpsonstattoo #thesimpsons #simpsonstattoo #simpsons #tattoo #simpsonsfan #homer #bart #lisa #marge #mattgroening #cartoontattoo #cartoontats #epictattoo #simpsonstat

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Simpsons tattoo work from around the world. The Simpsons is such a rich cultural vein for people of certain generations, and there’s a seemingly endless amount of niche references and deep cuts you can take away. With that, there’s also a seemingly endless amount of tattoo art styles you can get them in.

Shitty Simpsons Tattoos

Advice on what not to get.

Sasha Unisex

🌌🐋#whale #whaletattoo #sashaunisex

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Russian tattoo artist Sascha Unisex (though I believe she’s now based in Amsterdam) work is the gold standard in watercolour and graphic art-style tattoos. Her colours and intricate, careful shading make you look like a walking work of art.

Abby Drielsma

As a fellow Melbournian, I’ve been wanting to get tattooed by Abby for years, but her time gets snapped up so quickly – she’s in crazy high demand. Her purely black-and-white work is always clear, detailed and sharp, made of perfect lines and intricate dotwork. She often focuses on religious or historical iconography and nature, but there’s a bevy of other work in there too. 

Dr Woo

Thanks again for the trust and support Brian 🙏🏼💥🐅 #hideawayatsuitex #slimneedle

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LA-based Dr Woo specialises in small, intricate pieces, some so small as to make you go, “how did he even do that?!”. Although his subject matter changes, his style of delicate linework, pointillism and light shading makes the pieces seem as if they have been placed deftly on the skin, rather than needled in.

Clare Clarity

If you’re in the market for cute and fun animal tattoos, Clare Clarity should be your go-to. Her pet designs are immediately recognizable, and lovingly created to fit the personality of your furry mate.

Tan Van Den Broek

The sunflower was revered as a symbol of the Sun God in ancient Inca civilisations 🌻🌞🌻🌞🌻 #sunflower #sunny #sungod #inca #flower #flowertattoo #flora #neotraditionaltattoo #melbournetattooist #happyendingtattoo

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Nature and botanicals fans, ahoy! Tan is your partner in crime here. Melbourne-based but often travelling, Tan’s best work is her plant and animal designs, namely Australian flora and fauna. Her detailed and colourful work shows the vibrancy and creativity of nature, and the beautiful complexity of the natural world.

Lisa Orth

US-based Lisa Orth recreates the look of woodcut and lithograph painting and illustration on the human body, translating the design of three-dimensional carvings into tattoo art. You’ll look like a gorgeous Medieval manuscript.

Expanded Eye

‘The magic within’ This piece is a symbol of liberation from ill-fitting expectations. Celebrating the courage to chip away at a façade constructed over many years and embracing the magic and independence that comes with living authentically. #awareness #acceptance #selflove #themagicwithin #expandedeye #storiesonskin

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If you’re after something a bit more abstract, check out Expanded Eye in London. The duo specialise in wild, detail-heavy, Cubist-influenced designs that seem to fit into several artistic disciplines and era at once.

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