Best Pub Feeds Around Oz

Most pubs around Australia will have similar, if not innovative, iconic meals to choose from. Pubs nowadays are keeping with the trendy times, while still enriching the pub experience. There are those places in Oz that have been praised especially for their classic dishes and decors. The schnitty. The Sunday roast. The steak with pepper sauce. The house burger. The Parm. There’s just something comforting about a pub meal. Here are some of the best.

The Unicorn Pub, Chicken Schnitzel & Mash (Paddington, Sydney NSW)

A classic. The combination of Chicken Schnitzel with gravy and mashed potato. Sometimes all you need are the basics to get your feed on. I’ve heard in particular, that this mashed potato is the mother of all mashes. The Unicorn is an unpretentious, straightforward pub. Nothing overly extravagant. Simple decor, with simple pub meals.

Royal Crown Hotel, Wagyu Beef Burger (Dudley NSW) 

When you don’t really know how large that burger you’ve just ordered is, it’s almost always a surprise when it arrives to your table. Pub burgers are only getting bigger (no complaints here.) So, when that plate settles in front of you, it’s on. Burgers are particularly good for feeds when you’re hungry enough to devour something with your hands. They can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but are totally worth it. Take a crack at the burger with double cheddar, pickles, onion and mustard. An additional patty may seem like additional work at times; but oh my, is it tasty work.

The Standard Hotel, Chicken Parma Deluxe (Fitzroy, Melbourne Vic)

What could be better than a Chicken Parmigiana? A Chicken Parma Deluxe! Topped with prosciutto and three kinds of cheese, this crumbed chicken breast will get you where you need to go. The flavours of the Parma all blend together so well. Who would have thought, cheese, chicken and sauce was all it took. With sides of chips and salad, this is another classic pub feed. The Standard Hotel is a no-nonsense environment, dedicated only to complimenting the pub experience.

The Station Hotel, Any Of The Steaks (Footscray, Melbourne Vic)

There are few places where one could answer, “any of them, please”, to the question, “what kind of steak you would like?” At the Station Hotel (in Melbourne) there are eleven varieties. All of which are served with classic hand cut chips, salad and pepper sauce. I know when I’m feeling a bit under the weather, a steak feed is sorely needed. So, while my eyes and nose will be red, my steak will not.

JB O’Reilly’s, The Ultimate Roast (Perth, WA)

The beast. It may sound overindulgent, but our feeds are not to be underestimated. I mean, why have one roasted meat, when you can have four? That’s right. Roast pork, beef, chicken and lamb. Add vegetables, potatoes, pudding and gravy; and there you have it. The ultimate roast. Be prepared for this. Maybe have a quiet, motivational chat with your tummy beforehand and get in sync. Either way, it’s a mission.

Image source: Hunterhunter, The Station Hotel and The Unicorn Hotel

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