The Best Tweets About Secret Santa Because It’s A Pain That Needs To Be Shared

We’ve all been involved in a workplace Secret Santa that has sent shivers down our spines. Whether they’re a new workplace or one you’re looking to leave, getting the tone right can be a minefield. Sure, they’ll usually set a price limit, but do you go jokey? Sincere? Genuinely nice? Or some simple crap? It can be a tricky one to get right.

But don’t worry. If you’ve ever felt a type of anxiety, there will be tweets about it. So, with the season well upon us, lets wallow in some shared pain.

You Don’t Want To Be That Guy

Timing Is Everything

Honestly, I Don’t Get Paid Enough For This Shit

Never, NEVER, Put More Than An Hour Of Thought Into It

TFW You Get Your Work Bestie Tho

Merry Christmas To Me

It’s Always Important To Get The Tone Right

And Finally… This Sad Truth

Image Source: 20th Century Fox

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