Biggest Trends Of 2016 And What To Expect In 2017

It was a big year of change for everyone, 2016. With some of the biggest worldwide trends that have revolutionised the modern world forever. From basic fads that make you think: “how was that a thing?”, to a vast outbreak in the way we use technology, all the way to a change in the way society thinks and behaves, 2k16 is long gone, so what do you think 2017 has in store for all of us?

Virtual Reality (AKA old mate VR)

Just when you thought technology couldn’t advance anymore this little gem arrives. Many tech leaders have released the creation of signature virtual reality goggles, where once put over the eyes, you were engulfed by state of the art graphics, whether it be next level gaming or scenery from all over the world. Either way, it pretty much feels like you are wherever you want to be. So much so that VR cinemas are even starting to open. It’s worringly exciting thinking about what 2017 holds for this booming industry.

Bottle Flipping

I still don’t fully get this shit, and it was named by some publications as the biggest fad of 2016. You know the act of essentially flipping a plastic water bottle full or partially full of liquid in a rotation, in attempt to land it upright on its bottom. Featured in countless online videos, the international contenders creating their unique video to challenge the rest of the bottle flipping of the world. As sort of silly as it is, it is almost impossible to not enjoy a good flip. We seem to see one of these super basic fads come around every year, requires minimal attention but get’s big outreach. What simplicity will 2017 be known for?

Pokemon Go

The most downloaded app of 2016, this augmented reality game for your smartphone hit the world by surprise and with a bang; all your friends were playing it, most of your family were playing it, but were you playing it? The big fad of this game only lasted a few months, but jee wiz, you couldn’t even walk down the street without seeing someone glued to their phone, catching their favourite Pokemon in the local landmark. Rumour or not though peeps, brace yourselves because apparently Harry Potter Go is coming. (I know.)

Vegan And Diet Trends Boom

Not only has vegan and paleo diets become popular among those wanting to turn to clean eating this day in age, but this food phenomenon in particular is the reason you’re seeing more over-hyped photos on Instagram of colourful salads. The Whole30 book led the craze, selling more than half a million copies worldwide, which basically recommends eating whatever brings you joy – except sugar, grains, legumes and dairy (so everything I eat then.) We all know about Paleo Pete, salads and sushi have never been more in, and superfoods are a hipster’s best mate. But will they stay in 2017?

Far Right Rise & Human Rights


On a more political note, 2016 was a big one for the rise of the far right and public outcry for better human rights across the globe. We saw our own election, Brexit, and of course the circus that was the US federal election and the reign of new president Donald Trump. On the announcement of his victory, there was a huge outcry regarding Trump’s apparent sexist and racist remarks, sparking crazy riots and protests across the United States. We saw the sad state our refugee camps and detention centres are in, and the pleading for a basic human right. 2017 is going to be – excuse the irony – huge, for politics. Will the far right continue it’s huge rise up? Only time will tell.

Image Source: Akamai, Slate

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