Billie Eilish Met Rainn Wilson From The Office And Our Hearts Are Full

Mega The Office fan Billie Eilish met her true idol, Rainn Wilson AKA Dwight Schrute and received the cutest little gift. The photos are too wholesome to deal with. Big shoutout to Dwight for naming her William Eyelash, because that’s hilarious.


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I met one of the most intense OFFICE fans of all time, William Eyelash aka @WhereAreTheAvocados. She won a yoghurt lid medal for her preposterous knowledge of the show. What an honor. This is a remarkable young human being that touches hearts, blows minds and F*%#n ROCKS!

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A smile says a thousand words, and Billie Eilish’s face is extremely telling. The 17 year old artist has been known for her intense love of The Office, even using clips of audio in her song ‘my strange addiction’. Here’s a little clip of her describing her love.

So to have met Rainn Wilson — and in the past, Angela Kinsey — Billie would’ve been completely and totally flabbergasted by being in the presence of her Office loves.

To signify their meeting, Rainn Wilson gave Billie the sweetest parting gift: his yoghurt lid. Although it may not be an original The Office script or an office prop, we’re pretty sure Billie is stoked about it. Rainn also titled her one of the ‘most intense Office fans of all time’. So there’s that.

Billie Eilish previously met Angela Kinsey back in 2018, so there’s another character to check off the list.


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Congrats @wherearetheavocados on your new album… When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? We met at the San Francisco airport awhile back and I’m a dinosaur so I had no idea how talented you are!! I have loved catching up with you on Instagram. And the song My Strange Addiction has a nice lil’ snippet from Threat Level Midnight! Your #theoffice Mom is over here rooting for you! Way to go! 😉

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Too wholesome.

Image Credit: @rainnwilson

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