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Billie Eilish’s Vanity Fair Interview Will Make You Laugh, Cry And Everything Inbetween

Billie Eilish has come so incredibly far in the past year. And in doing so, has created some damn beautiful music whilst bypassing traditional young artists.

The 16 year old recently sat down with Vanity Fair, a year after her last interview to answer the same questions and her responses will hit you right in the feels. And it goes to show just how much a person’s life can change in one short year. Her Instagram followers have grown from 257,000 to 6.3 million. She’s gone from playing shows to 500 to arenas of 40,000. And she’s met her idol, Tyler the Creator.

Comparing her answers to last year’s, it seems Billie has seen a heck of a lot more of the world, and some of her responses couldn’t be more contrasting from those she gave in 2017. A harsh reality of the changing world around us, revealing the insights into life as a famous artist. At one point, she even says she’s “kinda jealous of Billie a year ago,” as she goes on to tell the camera that she’s feeling nearly too much pressure for a 16 year old to handle.

Her debut single Ocean Eyes has accrued more than 132 million streams on Spotify alone, she’s played at countless festivals including Lollapalooza and she recently sold out her 1 By 1 tour in 60 seconds. This interview definitely showcases some deep thoughts from the young artist, but boy does she show us a mature perspective on handling fame and her crazy growth worldwide.

Watch the full interview below:

Image Source: Vanity Fair (Youtube), MTV

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