Not My Top 10: Northern Territory Is Cancelled As Australia Is In Uproar Over Blasphemous Bikkie List

Northern Territory. What. Are. You. Doing? Have you finally reached insanity after all your drunk pigs and horny roos? Are you so tired of chasing crocs out of your lounge room that you’ve just decided to live as animals? Last night, The NT News Twitter posted a top ten Aussie biscuit list. And honestly, no.

This alleged “Top Ten Definitive Biscuit List” is downright wrong and also offensive.

So now, Aussie Twitter is in an uproar, and rightfully so. After The NT News posted this list, the responses came flooding in.

Some offered suggestions,

Some scrapped the whole thing

And some were just plain disappointed

Look, I’m not saying that I know better. I’m also not saying that any one person can make a definitive list on their own. But what I am saying is the Northern Territory are categorically wrong, this list is bad, and they should feel bad.

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