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Bon Iver Dropped Two New Songs Last Night Curing Your Search For Winter Music

Finally, new Bon Iver. The moment I’ve been waiting for since 2016.

Fear not Aussies, the perfect wintery singles have dropped. Bon Iver released two new songs last night just in time for the creation of your winter playlist. I mean seriously, the timing of this drop coincides perfectly with our current shitty weather situation.

So if you haven’t stared out a window peeping at the gloomy rain, sipping hot tea, listening to Bon Iver and questioning your life choices, I would absolutely recommend. However, there is a time limit. Once you’ve listened to ‘Holocene’ like 15 times in a row and nearly texted your ex, get out of your house. You’ve gone too far mate.

His new songs are just as epic, innovative and ominous as ever. ‘Hey, Ma’ and ‘U (Man Like)’ are the first music releases from Justin Vernon since 22, A Million back in 2016. And Bon Iver just doesn’t disappoint. Depress? Maybe. Disappoint? Never.

‘Hey, Ma’ reflects the same autotune Frank Ocean vibes meets deep forest dweller found in 22, A Million. And I’m not even going to lie, the song sounds pretty bloody sad. But if you’re a sucker for a good depressing song, this is certainly a great one to listen to.

‘U (Man Like)’ reflects more of a For Emma, Forever Ago vibeearthy, yet sad. However, I will say it is somewhat happier sounding than ‘Hey, Ma’. The background instrumental bears a bright piano. The single also features Moses Sumney and Brooklyn Youth Chorus, making the song more harmonic than the average Bon Iver song. So like, pretty fucking harmonic.

Bon Iver is reportedly working on a new project called iCOMMAi, which could very well be the follow up album to 22, A Million. His band played the new singles this past week in the UK at All Points East Festival before dropping them last night.

In case Bon Iver’s new music wasn’t enough, City & Colour and Sufjan Stevens have also released new music recently to feed your wintery weather vibes. You have plenty of options.

Image Source: GIPHY, Bon Iver Facebook

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