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How To Book The Ultimate Getaway Last Minute

Uni commitments are on hold and you have requested the time off from work, but you still haven’t quite come around to booking your long-awaited summer holiday. Well no need to stress cause there’s a good chance most of your mates haven’t either. Let’s be real, you’re one of the increasing number of individuals who shun the traditional rush hour of booking getaways as early well now (July/August) and wait until the very last minute to find their ideal getaway. This carefree spontaneous attitude, however, comes with a number of challenges. So when it comes to finding the best options, here are five sneaky tricks to making the last minute booking a stress-less process.

Do Your Research

This might sound a bit obvious, but you should always do a proper research before committing to a single offering. There can be a significant difference in price for the same destination between different agencies, so try to research as many of them as you can. Have in mind that most agencies offer sizable discounts for last-minute cancellations and additional discounts when traveling off-season, which might be your best option for a quick travel on a limited budget. Check out the weather conditions, the distance between the hotel and the beach or any notable sightseeing attractions.

Consider Visiting Europe

We all have a multitude of mates with the standard Instagram departures photo, #jettingoftoEurope. But heading up to the continent of culture can actually be one of your best options. Czech Prague of your list (see what I did there) and enjoy the grand architecture whilst sipping on a tall cheap glass of some of the finest beer in the world. Or you can follow the path of all your mates and head to Amsterdam. Snap up a typical canal shot, bike around and sneak into some coffee shops. Both cities are proud in history and art, and even better, the European winter permits for cheaper hostel rates. Perfect for the last minute booker.

Choose Destinations With Large Tourist Capacity

Most people avoid booking late because they think that all the best destinations are already packed-full with tourists. This may be true for some extremely-popular destinations, but most of the time, this is only applicable to hotels and lodgings located in the so called “tourist hotspots”. Instead of flocking to these locations alongside thousands of like-minded individuals, you can be smart about it and visit locations that have very large capacities for tourists such as Portugal, Greece, and Turkey. Countries like these have long, beautiful shorelines, which makes it easy to find a vacancy even during peak season.

Explore Alternative Types Of Accommodation

Booking a hotel room at the last minute can be an absolute nightmare. Don’t be left with hefty accommodation fees and a dodgy room, look for budget hostels that offer great rooms deals. Or even jump on the couch surfing trend. You’re not only set to save heaps on accommodation, but set to make a bunch of new mates along the way.  AirBnB is always a great last minute option as well. Try to look for places photographed by an official Airbnb photographer. Most hosts tend to take photos from the best possible angle to make sure that the place seems more inviting and spacious than it actually is. Don’t be caught out by the tricks of the trade.

Consider Alternative Ways Of Payment

There are a heap of companies that offer flights at a discount and travel accommodations for tourists who are willing to pay with digital currencies. You can buy digital currency and make arrangements this way if you are choosing the last minute option. Have in mind that not all information is readily available on the official websites and if you have any questions regarding the trip, don’t be afraid to ask the agency directly. Finally, there are a number of different websites you can use to compare the holiday offers, such as Skyscanner and TripAdvisor, which also has a handy little list containing the lowest flight fares on-the-day.

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