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How To Break Your Bad Habits

Bad habits, we all have them. Some a minor, they don’t effect our daily routines. Other’s can be paralysing and stop us from being productive and enjoying ourselves. So whether it’s biting your nails when you’re stressed, or drinking a little too much on the weekend to boost your confidence, here’s some tips to help you keep them under wraps.

#1 Choose A Substitute

So the idea of breaking your on going habit is a stressful thought. The four coffees you drink a day can not afford to be cut down because you know your reliance will cause you huge headaches. Well rather than going cold turkey substitute your habit. Allow yourself a coffee a day and replace the rest with green or herbal teas. By replacing your habit you’ll be able to retrain your mind into something new.

#2 Don’t Give It All Up

In saying this, completing cutting out your habit in one go is never a good idea. Rather than giving up biting your nails, slowly reduce your picking to one finger at a time. Maybe chain smoking is your vice. Rather than stopping smoking completely in one hit, teach yourself to cut down a cigarette a day. By setting small goals you’ll be able to tackle the problem head on.

#3 Keep Yourself Occupied

One of the biggest causes of bad habits is boredom. You know, when you travel to the fridge to find a snack cause you’ve got nothing else to do. Wells, rather than reaching for food, find something productive to occupy your time with. By keeping busy, you’ll be able to control and keep your habits to a minimum.

#4 Fine Yourself For The Offence

An oldie but a goodie, every time your find yourself engaging in your bad habit, throw a dollar in the jar. It’s a painful motivator, but you’ll soon realise the amount of money your habit is causing you.

#5 Understand The Trigger Of Your Habit

Before you can even engage in any of the above techniques, it’s important to realise why your habit is a habit in the first place. Stress, boredom and anxiety are often the biggest triggers. Rather than putting these feelings aside, tackle them head on and you might even see your habits slip away naturally.

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