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Brie Larson Kicks Old Lady Ass In The New Captain Marvel Trailer

Marvel dropped the second trailer for superhero flick ‘Captain Marvel’ on Monday and it kicks serious ass. The new film takes place in the mid 90’s, pre your other favourite Marvel films, and back to a time where Samuel L Jackson had hair.

The story follows lead lady Carol Danvers, played by Oscar winner Brie Larson, through a series of flashbacks to uncover how she really became Captain Marvel. She’ll be helped through her journey by a young, eye-patchless Nick Fury, played by Samuel L Jackson.

What better way to start that off than with Carol Danvers socking an old lady in the face. Nice. (Don’t worry, it’s a shapeshifting Skrull)

Brie Larson plays alongside Samuel L Jackson, Jude Law and a long list of actors. Captain Marvel is the 21st Marvel universe film. We’ve got a feeling Captain might just have the answer to saving the world from Thanos (see Avengers: Infinity War…no seriously, go watch it). It will be the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film since the passing of Marvel founder Stan Lee.

Captain Marvel hits Aussie theatres on March 7th, closely followed by Avengers 4. Get keen.

Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly

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