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Britney Spears Dancing To Justin Timberlake Is A LOT To Handle And I Don’t Know How To React

She’s back.

There’s normal person cabin fever, and then there’s celeb-OTT cabin fever. It’s a unique type of struggle, and we’ve seen some – let’s say – interesting… type of behaviour. Add ya girl Britney Spears into the equation and thing get very spicy.

And celebs have been reacting rather oddly to the corona-lockdown globally. We saw Ellen DeGeneres comparing isolation to prison while living in a multi-million mansion. We had that awfully cringey Gal Gadot – feat. other A-listers – ‘cover’ (and that’s being generous) of Imagine. And now on a new level of intrigue we have Britney strutting and werrking to JT’s track Filthy.

She also mentions that JT is a ‘genius’, while simultaneously calling their break up 20 years ago as one of the world’s biggest. While a bit of a weird flex on the break up, is she wrong on either count??

And it was enough of a play for a obvious-social-media-manager-post reply from JT himself! WOW what a response!

Look it’s a bit odd, she’s obviously on that boredom bug, but I am honestly a bit unsure about how to feel about it all.

Do I love this unbridled expression of IDGAF vibes? Is Filthy one of JT’s worst songs from his whole catalogue? ARE THEY GETTING BACK TOGETHER? Am I reading waaaaaay too much into this?

I was ready to let it go, but then immediately after this we got PART 2!!


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14 turns wheeeeee ??????????????!!!!!!!

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Honestly, I’ve just decided that Britney cannot be anything other than a queen, and I’m all for this dance routine. Even if it does seem a bit of a public slide into Justin’s DMs.

God bless BS.

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