A Broke Person’s Guide To Culture In Brisbane

Brisbanites, they got it good. Honing from the Sunshine State – a majestic place with warm weather all year round – Brisbane locals have it all from great coffee, to a glorious river location and they’re just a trip away from the best beaches in the world. But what one might not think, is that Brisbane is a real cultural hub in Australia. They boast an impressive amount of facilities that hold great events, from theatre to gigs, with an abundance of restaurants and bars in between. But if you’re strapped on cash, there is absolutely no need to fear. So whether you’re Brisbanite through and through or in the city for a long weekend, here is an extensive list of where to go and what to see, if you’re broke like me.

Find Some Gourmet Food Trucks

Every week a gastronomic army rolls out across Brisbane, and nobody’s taste buds are safe. Food trucks are the natural next step on a culinary adventure. You will be able to find these trucks across the city, bringing everyone’s favourite street eats to wheels. Juan More Taco not only has a hilarious name, but is delivering food that definitely won’t disappoint. They have an extensive menu at very cheap prices, and serve some of the best tacos around.

Keep Your Ears Open For Live Music

Live music is basically the heart and soul of Australia, and Brisbane is doing it right. Thanks to City Sounds, Australia’s largest free live music program, musicians are taking to the streets weekly to perform. Head to locations like Queen Street Mall, Post Office Square and South Bank, to hear local and touring bands and artists. There is a sound for every music lover from alternative and folk to jazz and electro.

Have A Laugh At Powerhouse Knockoff

Friday has arrived and you’re ready to kick back, relax and have a few laughs. Well, the Powerhouse Museum hosts a comedy show every Friday that definitely won’t disappoint. They host both local and national comedians, but be sure to arrive early with your mates cause the shows fill up fast. Even better, the museum has two bars/restaurants, so be sure to pick up a bite before the laughs begin.

Stroll Through Some Laneways

So they might not be as extensive as the laneways in Melbourne, but trust me, you won’t be disappointed. In these hidden streets you’ll find some of the best coffee shops and restaurants, but also some amazing street art that is set to blow your mind. If you need a place to start head to Fortitude Valley, with Bakery and Winn Lane filled with promising boutique shops and snazzy bars.

Take A Hike

Sometimes getting out of the hustle is exactly what you need, and this is totally achievable in a city like Brisbane. There are heaps of scenic hikes across the city that will get your heartbeat pumping and your Instagram booming. Go check out Mt. Tambourine or Springbrook National Park for some killer views that you will definitely want to capture.

Party On The Down Low

Brisbane can otherwise be known as Bris-Vegas. Yes, you heard me right; the city is unfortunately dubbed with this idea that the nightlife is less than average, and also fairly overpriced. But if dancing until the break of dawn is your thing, we have got you covered. The Brisbane Underground Electronic Movement hosts a heap of parties across Brissy, with most tickets under 20 bucks, what a steal.

Go Vintage Shopping

Everyone loves a wardrobe revamp, but not everyone has the hundreds of dollars to spend on some great new clothing items. Well lucky for you because Brisbane hones a heap of great vintage shops with all sorts of fashion styles on offer. SWOP Clothing Exchange is where you’ll find eclectic items for an absolute steal. The store is built around the idea of affordability, sustainability and anti-waste.

To Market, To Market

Imagine a bustling Sunday of sunshine and stylish homewares. If you’re thinking, “yep, that sounds ideal”, then the Young Designers Market is for you. The market features Brisbane’s best up and coming designers who sell a range of fashion and accessories, jewellery, furniture and arts. If arts and crafts aren’t for you then head to Riverside Markets for the best organic food and produce in Brissy.

Arts, Cinema And Much More

Located in Southbank’s cultural precinct, GOMA has it all, from historical and modern art, to retail outlets, food and even a cinema showcasing the best international film and video. There are plenty of events on offer at the gallery, with most exhibitions under $15. You’ll leave the museum feeling culturally enlightened and with enough money to splurge for your night out.

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