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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Noicely Announce Season 7 Drop And We’re Totes Excited


That’s right you hear it, see it, and already know it, lock those dates in, because season 7 of B-99 drops on the 6th of February!

Amy (Peralta) Santiago, aka Melissa Fumero, revealed the holy news to fans earlier today through her Instagram.

Season 7 will include 13 new episodes, and according to Deadline, yes 13 series isn’t the usual length we expect when it comes to a B-99 series, but we never know what else we could expect, after season 6 introduced 5 extra episodes anyways. And don’t worry Aussie lads, the good news continues because the comedy will again be fast-tracked in Australia thanks to SBS from 8:30 pm on the 7th of Feb!

Surely the executives behind NBC will listen to the fans and welcome us with some more episodes in the future, but for now, there is a date, an official confirmation and fans can finally enjoy some more killer content for 2020.

(We see you Holt)



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