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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Is Coming To Aussie Netflix Really Soon


Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 has been a wait and a half, especially because of all the drama surrounding the survival of the show.

Netflix just announced that Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 is coming to Aussie TV on January 11th, and all we can say is NOICE.

It’s been a bit of a wait since season 5, and we’re glad we can finally have a good sitcom binge. Well, maybe it hasn’t been that long, but it felt excruciating having to sit through all the drama on whether the show would survive or not – I aged like 84 years waiting for NBC to finally save that mess.

So, What Can We Expect With Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 is coming in swinging, with Pedestrian.Tv‘s interview with Terry Crews revealing that there will be a #MeToo episode this season.

This comes as extra meaningful when you know that Terry Crews has been really vocal in the #MeToo scene, talking about his own sexual assault and what that meant for him, his masculinity, and his career. He’s been a strong advocate for sexual assault victims, and pushing the “believe her” movement (Terry Crews, if you ever see this, I love you and I would die for you).

Just look at this angel man.

We do have some bad news though – our beloved Queen Gina Linetti is in fact leaving the show. COOL, COOL COOL COOL, COOL COOL. COOL.

She’s not leaving completely – she’ll still guest star in episodes, kinda sliding in and out here and there. Either way though, it’s tragic news and I don’t know if I can survive such a drastic change of the show – she really makes the Nine-Nine office what it is. Bring 👏 her 👏 back.

The Show Is Definitely Not Gonna Get Cancelled Again, Right?

Don’t worry, fear no more – season 7 is actually coming out in  February 2020 on American TV, so you have just enough time to binge Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 before you find a way to get your hands on the next one.

Plus, season 8 is also confirmed – so you can stop holding your breath! The gang is here to stay.

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