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Brunchers Unite, Manu From MKR Just Told Us How To Make The Best Scrambled Eggs

Us millennials would much rather slap down half our wage on a mountain of scrambled eggs at any brekky joint than make it ourselves, true story.

But what if I said you could have café-quality scrambled eggs in your own home? How freakin’ eggcelent, right?

Listen up all breaky and brunch lovers, My Kitchen Rules celeb chef, Manu Feildel has slipped us the secret to scrumptiously delicious, cloud-like scrambled eggs. Here’s how to get this brekky staple on point, every time.

Scrambled eggs, Manu style:

1: Whisk 2-3 whole eggs with 20-30mls milk, a good pinch of sea salt and pepper.

2: Heat a medium frying pan over a low heat, add a knob of butter and when foaming, pour in the eggs and leave for 60-90 seconds to begin to set.

3Gently pull the egg from the edges, into the centre of the pan. Turn and tilt the pan so the runny egg takes up the available space and runs off the set egg, this gentle pulling will make egg “ribbons”.

4: Remove the pan from the heat before the egg is completely set. Leave to sit for a minute or two, this will let the egg gently finish cooking in its own heat. 

5: To serve, place on top of 1-2 pieces of well buttered toast and finish with a sprinkle of fresh herbs if desired.

Things to avoid:

  • Don’t let your pan get too hot – the eggs will cook too quickly and burn. No one likes rubbery eggs. 
  • Don’t be rough and move the eggs too much. A light, gentle movement will help the eggs stay light and fluffy.
  • Don’t overcook the eggs – this will also make them tough and rubbery. Remove them from the heat when still a little wet in places.

For something a little fancy: 

  • For cheesy eggs, pour the egg mix into the pan and leave to cook for 60-90 seconds then scatter with your favourite grated cheese and continue the cooking process. Serve with hot buttered toast and sliced ham or crispy speck. 
  • For Asian style eggs, add 20ml of water and 10ml of light soy sauce instead of milk to the eggs and finish with Japanese mayonnaise, crispy shallots and a squeeze of sriracha or a drizzle of chilli oil.

So there you go brunchers. Skip the overpriced café meal and cook up a storm in your own kitchen – courtesy of Manu.

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