5 Budget Friendly Date Ideas When Cash Flow Is An Issue

Minimal spend, maximum romance.

So you’re looking for something sweet to do with your honey, but you’re short on cash? We’ve all been there. Living that millennial broke life can make it hard when you want to do something sweet but have no dollaz. Well have no fear, because we’re here to let you in on a few of our personal favourite budget romance trade secrets.

Pack A Picnic

Honestly, it’s a classic for a reason. Grab your fave picnic blanket or beach towel, a couple cushions and pack your Coles cooler bag with goodies. Nothing better than some BBQ chook rolls, a few biccies, and hummus. Why not up the romance with some strawberries and chocolate dip and a bottle of bubbly. A cute picnic with your SO is the perfect summer date night. And if you’re in Sydney, hit up on of these Insta-worthy locations for even more brownie points.

Rent A Bike For Some Loved Up Peddles

If any of those app based rental bikes have popped up in your city, why not get ya sugar and go a-peddlin. If you happen to live near a body of water or some sort of park or other attractive vista, a leisurely cycle could be a great little day out for you two. Bonus points if you combine the two and cycle to your picnic location.

Hit Up Your Local Market

Now I know markets aren’t for everyone, but there’s no reason you can’t turn this into something a little more fun. Why not head out and set each other a challenge. Set a budget of $20 and each find one thing that you think your partner will love. Try to steer clear of anything edible. By the end of the day, you’ve both had a chance to wander around together and soak up the good vibes, and you’ll each have a cute little trinket from bae.

Go Exploring

This is frustratingly vague, I know. Everyone’s idea of exploring is different, whether it’s just heading to a different part of your city you haven’t been to before, of heading a bit further out, discovering somewhere new with your SO is a great way to spend a day together. Jump in the car or on the train and go somewhere you’ve never been before. You might discover your new favourite place or a cute little country cafe (which is bound to have cheaper coffee so drink up).

Cook Together

This is another one of those dates that are classic for a reason. Cooking with your SO is a great way to spend some quality time together, have a good feed, and not have to break the bank to do it. Find a recipe you’re both keen to try, grab the ingredients and get to cooking. Why not chuck on some tunes and have a boogie while you wait for your culinary masterpiece to be ready. Set the table, light some candles, and UberEats some Maccas if it turns out terrible.

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