A Budget Guide To Culture In Adelaide

As the South Australian capital becomes a considerably more popular location for your weekend trips and short escapades, how do you make the most of your time without breaking the bank?

None of us actually have any money let’s be real, if you’re coming from interstate the flights and accommo cost 85% of your pay, but you still want to make it a memorable little escape. Meanwhile, if you’re a local, maybe you haven’t actually had the time to explore beyond your immediate surrounds.

So is it impossible to do fabulous things and see the best spots on a budget? No it ain’t.

Feast On Foot

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Our Feasters sure know how to have a great time, hunting down some of the best dumplings #Adelaide has to offer!

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No, literally though. Feast On Foot walking food tours are a must do for when you want to find the best eat and drink spots in town, but maybe don’t have heaps of time or money. From $25 to $69, you can choose either food inclusive or non-inclusive tours. Particularly recommend the $49 dumpling tour, which will take you to some of the best, well, dumpling spots in Adelaide – and includes as much soy sauce as your heart desires.

Soak Up Some Venice Vibes

Pretend like you’re in Venice very temporarily and take in some coastal feels at Horseshoe Bay & Port Noarlunga. Particularly at Port Noarlunga, where the super-long jetty screams Los Angeles and Venice. Get your smartphone cameras at the ready, many a scenic Insta opportunity here.

Gouger Street Karaoke

Many a drunken night await on Gouger St, and what is alcohol’s best friend when consumed in mass? You guessed right, and between Lyrics and La Sing on Gouger, you’ll be set to belt out some classics all within walking distance.

Turning Japanese

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Steamed vegetable & bean curd dumplings, hot Chinese vinegar & spring onion oil on this weekend's dim sum menu….. #shōbōsho #radelaide #leighstreet #dimsum #yumcha #wknd #lunchonly #dumplings #?

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From Shobosho to Wasai, Adelaide’s Japanese cuisine is up there with the best. While the former can test the purse strings a bit, Wasai is your go-to for some well-priced, yet still brilliant Asian food. If you’re going with a decent sized group though, Shobosho is made for sharing.

Just For Laughs

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Facebook memories tells me this happened two years ago. Still one of my favourite bits, because the silly, stoopid silent comedy is punctuated by the sound of farts! (The new RHINO ROOM is pretty damn cool, and you should check it out Mondays for Open-Mic or Friday nights for established comics.

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Visit the brilliant Rhino Room to get your laughs in from both local and international comedians. Most nights you can get a ticket for $20-$30, and given the talent on offer, it’s a very affordable night compared to the often $150+ nightclub bender. Oh, and the venue is actually everything and more you could want from a comedy venue.

Dabble In Fresh Produce

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RG: @cornerdeli71: "We love getting creative with our gourmet platters! ?Come see us at Stall 71 in the Adelaide Central Market! ? #cheese #yum #roquefortcheese #frenchcheese #adelaide #local #adelaidecentralmarket #cornerdeli #stall71 #food #foodinspo #cheeseplatter"

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The Adelaide Central Market is a must-visit for local eats. Adelaide has got a rich history in local produce, especially in fruits/veg and seafood, so give yourself a few hours to stroll through and try and bunch of stalls at your own pace.

Views From The 6

Trek across the Adelaide Hills & Mount Lofty for stunning views that even Drizzy would approve of. If you’re the adventurous type, hire a bike and ride down Mount Lofty for a fun yet cruisey experience. Botanic Gardens is also well worth a mention, especially in spring.

Solo Adventuring

The city is pretty vibrant and well structured, so don’t follow your guidebook – in fact toss it out all together. If you’re traveling solo, just chuck your earphones in and walk through the city and it’s neighbouring little cities, stumbling across small boutiques and amazing laneways.

Hot tip: if you’re in a group, split off individually or in pairs and go exploring. Then come back for dinner and tell everyone what you found. Take plenty of pictures and videos, too.

Get Lost In A Forest

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The simple things in life. .. . . Photo: @lucascolalancia #adelaidehills #lostinaforest #uraidla #pizza

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Hosted in an old, former church, Lost In A Forest is a delectably gorgeous gourmet wood oven pizza lounge in the Adelaide Hills. Individually the pizzas are a bit pricey, so you want to go here in groups or with a mate. The pizzas are pretty big and loaded with serious flavour, so share some slices and you’ll avoid the big bills.

If The Light’s On, Come In

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Always a guitar in this bar, just saying. #baddog_bar #livemusic #whisky #whiskey #theimportanceofbeingwhiskey #donmo

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That’s the only rule at Baddog whisky bar in central Adelaide. This is the place you tell your mates about, or rather keep in your back pocket for when you’re in town. There is a light out the front of the venue, and the only rule is if it’s on, you can come on in. Setup in a skinned out warehouse, with a huge range of whiskies and live blues/soul on the weekends, you don’t wanna’ miss out on this one.

Adelaide’s booming, so don’t be that guy who’s never been. There’s plenty to see and do for all budget types. Get some more deets from our mates at

Image Sources: South Australia Tourism, Mark Metaphor, Unsplash.

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