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Bundle Up Aussies, A Cold Blast Is Coming This Week

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you woke up shivering today you should know it’ll be cold this whole week.

Grab your jackets, sprint to get that flat white, and maybe spend a bit more time inside this week because we’re in a bit of a cold spell.

Antarctic winds are set to hit the east coast raking in some snow in at least four eastern states by Wednesday. Bloody hell.

The snow will hit more elevated areas, of course, but that doesn’t mean metropolitan and suburban parts won’t have a polar experience.

Know that it’s probably going to be windy as hell all over Australia this week, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. So you’re going to want to pack a hair brush with you when you’re going outside of your home. It may look like a rats nest by the time you hit your next destination.

Sydney can expect high winds, some rain, and colder temperatures throughout Sunday, so brace yourselves Vivid goers.

However, if you’re the one complaining about how you won’t go to Vivid because there’s too many people consider this your week to shine.

Sticking to the positive side of things, talk about a great date night out. What could be better than bundling with your boo under Vivid lights? Maybe sitting inside eating a pizza in your pajamas, but I’d like to think the first option is a little more romantic.

Canberra, mates, you’re in for a really cold week with temp maxin’ out at 10C throughout Wednesday. It’ll warm up to whopping 16C before dropping to a minimum of -4C on Friday. Ouch.

Blizzard conditions will already do you in if you live in The Alpine area, and will reach a low 700 metres of snow by Wednesday in the ACT.

This cold heap is coming north from Tasmania, according to Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Zhi-Weng Chua. So bloody thanks Tasmania!

Stay positive Aussies. This is your week to stay in, clean your apartment, check out Aladdin in theaters, and binge the next Netflix series on your list.

Image Source: Giphy, Unsplash

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