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Burgers And Coke The (Un)Traditional Way

Head home from Melbourne’s newest burger joint and odds are you’ll hear Mum asking about that white powder on your upper lip that’s certainly just the remnants of an overly floury burger bun. Pablo Escoburgers is Melbourne’s newest pop-up burger bar that’s causing a bit of a stir for serving up burgers and coke the (un)traditional way.

Customers are served juicy burgers topped with a line of fake cocaine and stuffed with a tightly rolled $100 bill in true Escobar style.


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It’s actually garlic powder and obviously the fat stacks of cash are fake but they’re stirring up reactions nonetheless. It’s meant to be for a bit of a laugh but many of the pics on the bar’s Insta page have been flooded with negative reviews and pretty aggressive accusations – it’s a keyboard warrior frenzy.

It’s been a pretty accurate display of the way people either love or loathe the guy as a huge bunch of people have also reacted the way the idea was originally meant to be received: lightheartedly and with a grain of salt.

The creative little stunt was obviously all for the laughs but to avoid what has nearly become an absolute PR nightmare, the pop-up bar has since published a disclaimer to their Facey page advising everyone to basically take three deep breaths and chill.

The pop-up bar blew up probably a little more than the guys expected but with burgers topped with ‘cartel secret sauce’ you’ve gotta admit they kinda had it coming. Indeed it is pretty hard not to offend anyone in 2019 though. Amen guys.


Image Source: Pablo’s Escoburgers Facebook & Instagram

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