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Busabout Want You To Be Instagram’s Travelling Puppet — With All Expenses Paid

Check the date on this article, folks. We thought maybe someone had come a little late to the April Fools party, but it looks like this is a hundred percent legit. Global travel company Busabout are looking for six hapless victims to go on an all-expenses paid trip to either South East Asia, Europe or the USA — and the only catch is that their Instagram followers will decide your every move.

Yep, the flexible travel bus team are ready to drop nearly $15,000 to let their Insta audience talk you into skydiving. They’re calling it The Great Travel Experiment, and it’s basically the plot of Nerve but with you at its centre.

Who Dares Wins

Busabout have been rolling around South East Asia for a good few years, and are testing out the tyres on their road trip service for the US of A. Given all that experience, you can bet they’ll know every last daredevil hotspot on both continents. That’s right, in the space of just two months, you could be partaking in a chili-eating contest in Houston, Texas for the benefit of everyone with an iPhone. Each trip lasts for six weeks over the summer, and you get paid $375/week on top of your travel expenses. That’s not a bad sum for someone who’s about to go bungee-jumping topless.

Because of the scope of Busabout’s destinations in Europe, the lucky couple taking on the continent get to travel for a whopping 11 weeks, culminating in a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest that you, your family and your prospective future employers will never forget. Just pray that Mike Whitney doesn’t have an Instagram account.

All this could be yours if you just fight one measly bear.

For each continent, there’s two positions up for grabs — the Videographer position and the Instagram Storyteller position. The Videographer role (or “the smart person’s choice”) involves filming your fellow traveller and editing the footage for maximum impact on IGTV. The Instagram Storyteller, on the other hand, gets to use their passion, charm and go-get-’em attitude to try not to hurl while they swallow their third deep-fried tarantula of the week.

Wait, scratch that. The Videographer also has to partake in Instagram’s darefest. Well, I guess there’s no such thing as a free holiday.

If you’re brave enough to surrender your body to The Great Travel Experiment, you can submit your video entry to Busabout’s competition website. And let us know if you do cos we hundo wanna watch.

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