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This Interactive Multiplayer Game Is Coming To A Side Building Near You

We have seen how addictive interactive gaming can be; remember the Pokemon Go hype (I don’t think anyone will forget). But when you take the elements the virtual and real life, you create a gaming experience that is so encapsulating and exciting you never want to stop playing. Well Buzzy TV are taking it to the next level.

Buzzy TV emerged out of Lime Rocket, a company that researches and developed an application to take advantage of emerging trends in multi-screen usage. So what Buzzy TV is doing, is taking multiplayer games to existing digital screens and allowing users to connect using their smartphone.

In order to construct an image out of these somewhat confusing words, picture this. You’re at this super cool bar launch, and on a projection you see a huge display of 90s trivia. You think to yourself, um of course I know that movie, it’s Clueless, dah. Well you can connect you smartphone to that big ol’ screen and select your answer. Then let your competitive side run wild and free. If you wanna even give it a go for yourself now, click the image below!

The guys at Buzzy TV are currently on the campaign route to gain funds to get their innovative idea up and running. The gaming platform is not only super engaging and enticing for gamers but also a great social learning opportunity. You can help them out and learn more about how they are using their game to help disabled kids on their Start Some Good page.

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