Black Lives Matter Protests Are So Bloody Peaceful That Caesar The No Drama Llama Joined In

Caesar for Emperor!

Some people brought placards, others brought a whole damn llama; but both are doing the work for Black Lives Matter.

Caesar the ‘no drama’ llama, made an appearance at the sixth day of protests in Portland, Oregon, much to the delight of fellow marchers.

The llama was hard to miss, sticking out from the crowd of thousands that flocked the downtown area.

It didn’t take long for him to be identified as Caesar from Mystic Llama Farm in Jefferson, Oregon. And this isn’t Caesar’s first activism rodeo.

On his social media profiles (where he says he identifies with ‘he/him’ pronouns), Caesar is described as a “therapy/charity #llamactivist, invested in protecting & promoting civil rights for all.”

Caesar is a huge Black Lives Matter ally, urging his followers to support activists in Salem, Oregon.

Even though this march wasn’t Caesar’s first rodeo, it was still a surprise to many attendees who spotted the gentle boy in the crowd.

But a very welcome surprise.

According to his owner (and partner in crime), Larry McCool, Caesar has also attended Women’s March and Planned Parenthood events.

He really is doing the absolute most for human rights. We love to see it.

McCool says he also brings Caesar to schools and nursing homes to spend time getting hugs and pictures sometimes with 50 kids at a time. And why wouldn’t you, when (according to his social media) the hugs are “Always Free”.

“I’ve been to many, many shows around the country, I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of llamas, and I’ve never seen a llama that has the personality and the love that [Caesar] has for people,” McCool said in an interview with Oregon Live last year. His patience and “unique people skills” are the No Drama Llama’s trademark.

In another interview at the protest, McCool said he brought Caesar along to represent the voiceless.

“Caesar has no voice of his own but even more people don’t have a voice, so he’s here to represent the voiceless. The ones who feel left out in society and life.”

All hail emperor Caesar!

Image Sources: Twitter (@HaleJamesB, @caffeineandpix1)

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