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Calling All 90’s Kids: Tamagotchi’s, Furby’s and Polly Pockets Are All Making A Comeback

Remember the days of feeding your Tamagotchi and making it play with your friends? Losing all the tiny little pieces in your Polly Pocket and crying for days? Accidentally getting your hand caught in your Beyblade? Well, here’s your chance, as a fully fledged (almost) adult, to get back in the game of your childhood toys. Perfect for a cheeky stocking filler or secret santa at the office.

eBay has released it’s predictions for the most wanted toys by Aussie kids (and us big kids) this Christmas and some of our faves are up there at the top. Get back to your childhood and buy one for the sheer memories. Ahh, the nostalgia.

  1. Super NES Classic
  2. Polly Pocket
  3. The Original Tamagotchi
  4. Barbie Dream House
  5. Bop It
  6. Cabbage Patch Kids
  7. Betty Spaghetty
  8. Hot Wheels Monster Jam
  9. Beanie Babies
  10. Beyblade Burst

First the Spice Girls reunion tour, now this. The 90’s really are making a comeback and we are not complaining one little bit๐Ÿ™Œ

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