That Celeste Barber $51m Bushfire Fundraiser Is Only Going To RFS, And Peeps Are PISSED

But they aren’t pissed about the court’s decision.

2020 sure has been a whirlwind so far. We’re only in May! It feels like the bushfires that burnt half the country for months were years ago. But no, it was only three months ago. Remember that massive fundraiser organised by Aussie comedian, Celeste Barber, that raised $51 million? A court has just ruled that that money isn’t going where we wanted it to.

What Happened To Our Money?

The court stated that the money raised can only be used by the RFS on purchasing and maintaining firefighting equipment and facilities, training and resources, and admin expenses. Are you kidding me? Some of the funds may, however, be able to be used to provide physical and mental health training and trauma counselling services, and to pay for firefighters to go to training courses. So, I guess that’s something at least?

In the description for the fundraiser, Barber had outlined The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund as the destination for the money. Its original goal was to raise $30,000.

As more people began to donate and the total soared above $30 million, Barber told her followers that she would make sure the money was spread amongst interstate fire services and animal rescue organisations.

That’s where a lot of us wanted our money to go. We wanted to help the families who had lost everything; the families of firefighters who had died in the fires; the animals who lost their habitats. We all felt that and wanted to do our bit to help. But sadly, that isn’t going to happen.

What’s With The Hate Towards Celeste Barber?

People online are pissed about this too. Some about the fact that the money we thought was going to one place, isn’t actually going there. But a number of loud people are pointing the finger at Barber and are saying that it’s her fault.

And maybe there’s some small level of truth to that. Her heart was definitely in the right place, there’s no question about that. But maybe it was a bit naive of her to think that halfway through, she could change her mind about where the money was going, and essentially try to bypass the law. Still no excuse for all of the hate online though. At least she was trying to do something good when our own PM had pissed off on a Hawaiian vacay.

Some of these seem like personal attacks against her character that are just completely unnecessary? But that’s just my opinion, I guess.

Image Source: Facebook (Celeste Barber)

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