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The 5 Chances To Grow That Only Singles Know

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, leaving the singles in its wake. But being single doesn’t have to be terrible, especially if you know how to appreciate its benefits. If you find yourself counting all the downsides of your singleness, try capitalising on the top five chances life presents to single folk.

#1 A Chance To Learn The Signs

Do you know the signs of an abusive personality? Many meanies display warning signs, including jealousy, controlling behaviour, an inability to honour another’s feelings, and an unwillingness to own up to mistakes (what a drag, right?) Sure, it sounds pretty heavy, but it’s surprisingly common.

These red flags often pop up early in a relationship, but you won’t see them if you don’t know what to look for. Use your single status as a chance to educate yourself. You deserve to protect yourself from potential abusers.

#2 A Chance To Heal Yourself

Carrying the responsibility of a relationship is much easier if you ditch the baggage beforehand. Take this time to sort out your past hurts and bad habits. Your future partner will thank you, and you will live a more satisfying life. Talk to a life coach. See a nutritionist or physical trainer. Seek therapy to deal with deep-rooted trauma and emotional stress.

Developing healthy lifestyle choices is not to impress your future partner, but for your own happiness. The confidence you radiate in result is bound to attract a positive person into your field. And if not, you’ll be too busy enjoying life to notice, anyway.

#3 A Chance To Make Waves

Making a difference in the world just got easier. The single life frees you up to help others in ways that many people in relationships and with families cannot. Emergency relief effort in the Philippines? Go for it. Teach in Africa? Why not? Start your own not-for-profit? There’s nothing stopping you.

Being single gives you the chance to help anyone, anywhere, at any time. And while there are plenty of ways to improve the lives of others once in a relationship, why not form the habit now? You might just meet someone on the mission field.

#4 A Chance To Discover Your Awesomeness

Singleness does not have to be a drag. It all depends on perspective. You can think of your singleness as a great chance to fall in love with.. well, you (hooray for self-empowerment.) Find things you love about yourself every day. Use mantras or positive affirmations to boost your self-esteem. Being confident and sure of yourself is pretty sexy. Besides, you deserve it.

Discover new activities you enjoy and begin incorporating them into your daily life. Don’t be afraid to try something new. And if you’re really hungry for adventure, you can travel alone. There are tons of benefits to seeing the world and meeting new people along the way. You can go on the adventure of a lifetime, and you don’t even have to wait for someone to take you on their magic carpet.

#5 A Chance To Get Ahead

Thinking about that PhD? Dreaming of becoming the CEO of a major corporation? Now is the time. Right now, you don’t have to juggle your time and attention between work and family; you can focus solely on your goals. Revel in your singleness, as this is a chance to get ahead academically and professionally. Whatever vision you have for the future, singleness can help you get there. You just have to be willing to take that chance.

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