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Cheapest Cities In Europe To Live In

Ready to make that ex-pat dream a reality? A move overseas can leave your bank balance almost non-existent and your credit cards all but maxed out. Maybe you have a locale in mind, but perhaps a more cost effective option will mean you can really experience the city. Seriously, it’s something to consider. Would you rather be knocking back two euro wines under the sun in Portugal post work or sipping a five pound pint in the glum London weather? No answer required. If we have you convinced, here are the most affordable cities in Europe for those thinking of an extended stay.

Tartu, Estonia

Fancy an Estonian experience? Tartu is the second biggest city in the country and the cheapest option in all of Europe. Being the premier city though for educational pursuits, you’ll be surrounded by intelligent individuals pursuing their studies. Which makes for excellent student deals and a stellar nightlife roster.

Porto, Portugal

A city know for it’s charming medieval facades and inimitable seafood, Porto is the spot for savvy expats to setup shop. Gaze out from the miraduoros over the whole city or walk the seaside well into the evening. It’s affectionately been labelled Europe’s tastiest city too, so foodies looking for a new home your search is done.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece’s little sister to ancient wonder Athens, Thessaloniki is still plenty of old world brickwork but it’s by the water too. The city is best experienced on foot, as the locals do, where you can wander the port city with ease. Thanks to an influx of backpackers and international students when the weather heats up, the nightlife is abuzz. Making for excellent work opportunities or memorable adventures of an eve.

Tallinn, Estonia

Capital of Estonia and former Soviet city, Tallinn is a destination off the backpacker track. Marrying modern touches with wonder of years past, the city alone is an aesthetic fairytale. The booze is cheap and the entertainment aplenty, this plus the charm make it a truly unique place to live.

Lisbon, Portugal

The buzz worthy spot of the moment is even better for a longer stay. Cheap drinks, stunning vistas and a booming tourist industry for you to get amongst. You’ve got to pay the bills somehow and by bills we mean the unending summer drinks tab you’re sure to rack up.

Athens, Greece

History fills the streets right to the peak of Acropolis, but Athens modern culture has an alluring edge. It’s vibrant by day and bustling by night, where fun at all times is non-negotiable. Those enchanted by the mix of antiquity and new veracity, Athens will welcome you with open arms.

Barcelona, Spain

A city that truly has it all, irresistible eats, a shore awash with azure waters and artistic flair like no other. Oh and it’s a reasonably priced place to live, what a wonderful combination. Soon you’ll be wandering the street parties hand in hand with locals, what a dream.

Graz, Austria

Take your pick, historic vistas or modern edge, Graz has both in equal measure. The second largest city in Austria is a regional delight and a much overlooked spot for visitors. The best city you’ve never heard of? Quite possibly.

Marseille, France

The sun is ablaze and the water a glow, Marseille is like one long vacation for residents. If the south of France has piqued your interest for some time, let Marseille be your new address. It’s a blend of cultures with vibrant Middle Eastern, Portuguese, Spanish and African communities, making for a never-ending selection of worldly eats.

Madrid, Spain

The capital of Spain is so much more than just tasty tapas. Sure, they are excellent but it’s the thriving tapestry of cultures and history that make for an ex-pat experience to revere. The nightlife is constant and doesn’t kick off til well past your bedtime, the architecture exquisite and the people wonderfully welcoming.

Berlin, Germany 

If you’re coming to Berlin for the German experience think again. But what it lacks in lederhosen and stereotypes it makes up for in spades. A multicultural haven where Turkish food wafts through the streets and Spanish people dot the sidewalk. With an accessible cost of living and cultural wonders abound, you’ll be mesmerised at how diverse the German capital is.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Dutch port city is an ex-pat haven that’s remarkably left off the tourist map. For the new Rotterdam resident that means an authentic experience, free of busy backpacker traps. A city undergoing constant development you’re likely to see scaffolding and cranes dotted about but the ever present work makes for an ever-changing skyline.

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