Cheesy Date Night Ideas Every Twenty-Something Secretly Wants

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to do the blanket fort thing.

Our fav rom-com movies and TV shows have fuelled an undeniable desire for super cheesy, cliche dates. Remember the iconic IKEA date in 500 Days Of Summer? The paintball date in10 Things I Hate About You or Ross and Rachel’s indoor stargazing date in Friends? It’s time to admit that you secretly want to go on all of the corny dates and start ticking them off this list.

Pucker up.

Junk Food And Movie Marathon

Gather your all your snacks and blankets, cozy up on the couch and marathon all of the Harry Potter, Pirates of The Caribbean or Batman movies.

A Camping Trip

Switching off from technology. Cuddling by the fire. Looking at the stars. Telling each other scary stories. SO much cringe, but so much cuteness.

Mini Golfing

She pretends she doesn’t know how to use a golf club. He puts his arms around her waist to teach her. AWW!

Drive In Movie

All of the Grease vibes. Bonus points for a scary movie.

Blanket Fort

The most iconic of all the cheesy date nights. As many pillows, blankets and fairy lights as possible are ESSENTIAL.

A Concert

Preferably a sappy indie band, so you can hug your SO from behind and sway to the music all night.

Picking Each Other Up In A Bar

Much like the iconic opening scene of Four Holidays, you each take on a character and pretend not to know each other. Each character aims to win the other one over – which obviously works every time.

A Night Picnic

A view of the city skyline, or the moon over the ocean is essential. Red wine and cheese are also a must.

Theme Park By Night

Fireworks. Kissing at the top of the ferris wheel. Sharing stick of a fairy floss. You swoons, you.

Go To An Arcade

Major cheesy bonus points if you win a fluffy toy on the claw machine.

Bubble Bath

Pop the champagne, light the candles and head into the tub for some super close (and squishy) bonding time.

A Late Night Drive

Push down the back seats, chuck all the pillows, blankets and snacks into the boot, park up at a lookout. Relive your 16-year-old fantasies.

Cocktail Making Date

Unleash your inner bartender and have a go at making all of your fav cocktails. You might not actually remember this date, but look thought that counts and all.

Ice Skating

Hold hands the entire time. Finish the date with hot-chocolate. Stop being so adorbs.

Beers And Board Games

Not recommended for the overly competitive couple.

Jazz Bar

Nothing screams romance like jazz music. If you get up and dance together, you can die knowing that you have officially met the pinnacle of cheesy dates.

Image Sources: Riverdale, Netflix, Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC.

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