Choosing the Best Insurance for Airbnb Hosts in Australia: Key Considerations and Options

Hosting guests through platforms like Airbnb can be a lucrative venture for property owners in Australia. However, with the potential for unexpected incidents or liabilities, Airbnb hosts must have adequate insurance coverage to protect their property and finances. In this article, we'll explore the key considerations for Airbnb hosts in Australia when selecting insurance and highlight some of the best insurance options available.

Understanding the Risks Faced by Airbnb Hosts

Hosting guests on your property, whether it's a spare room, apartment, or entire house, comes with inherent risks. These risks may include property damage, theft, liability for guest injuries, loss of income due to cancellations or property damage, and legal expenses in case of disputes or lawsuits. Without proper insurance coverage, Airbnb hosts may find themselves financially vulnerable in the event of such incidents.

Key Considerations When Choosing Insurance

When selecting the best insurance for Airbnb hosts Australia, several factors should be taken into account:

Coverage Types: Look for insurance policies that provide comprehensive coverage tailored to the specific risks faced by Airbnb hosts. This may include property damage, liability protection, loss of income coverage, and legal expenses coverage.

Policy Limits and Exclusions: Pay attention to the coverage limits and any exclusions outlined in the insurance policy. Ensure that the policy adequately covers the value of your property and provides sufficient liability protection.

Cost vs. Coverage: Compare the cost of insurance premiums with the level of coverage offered by different insurance providers. While affordability is important, it's equally crucial to prioritize adequate coverage to protect your investment.

Claims Process and Customer Service: Consider the ease of filing claims and the responsiveness of the insurance provider's customer service team. A streamlined claims process and reliable support can make a significant difference in resolving issues efficiently.

Policy Flexibility: Look for insurance policies that offer flexibility to accommodate changes in your hosting arrangements, such as short-term rentals, long-term rentals, or occasional use of the property for personal purposes.

Best Insurance Options for Airbnb Hosts in Australia

Several insurance providers offer specialized insurance products tailored to the needs of Airbnb hosts in Australia. Some of the best options include:

ShareCover: ShareCover, underwritten by IAG, is a popular insurance option specifically designed for Airbnb hosts. It provides coverage for property damage, liability protection, loss of income, and theft, with flexible coverage options and affordable premiums.

STR Insurance: STR Insurance offers comprehensive insurance solutions for short-term rental properties, including Airbnb listings. Their policies include coverage for property damage, liability, loss of income, and legal expenses, with customizable options to suit different hosting arrangements.

Home and Contents Insurance with Add-Ons: Many traditional home and contents insurance policies offer optional add-ons or endorsements to extend coverage for short-term rentals. Check with your existing insurance provider to see if they offer suitable coverage options for Airbnb hosting.

Specialty Insurance Brokers: Some insurance brokers specialize in providing insurance solutions for Airbnb hosts and short-term rental properties. These brokers can help you navigate the insurance market and find policies tailored to your specific needs and budget.


Choosing the best insurance for Airbnb hosts in Australia requires careful consideration of the risks involved and the coverage options available. By selecting insurance policies that provide comprehensive coverage for property damage, liability protection, loss of income, and other potential risks, Airbnb hosts can safeguard their investments and enjoy peace of mind while hosting guests. Whether opting for specialized Airbnb insurance products or adding coverage to existing home and contents insurance policies, prioritizing adequate insurance protection is essential for mitigating risks and ensuring a successful hosting experience.

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