Christian Lobby Super Shady About Where Millions Of Folau’s Excess Donations Will Go

According to Israel Folau, he’s in ‘the fight of his life’ and according to the figures, $1.7 million in new donations would suggests that so too is the Australian public.

But whilst Folau originally set out to fund his legal battles against Rugby Aus, his plea for cash has fast transformed into a national battle for religious freedom.

After the Australian Christian Lobby’s managing director, Martyn Iles tweeted they’d be backing Folau, donations reached the $400,000 mark in just under 12 hours. Four days after it’s launch, it’s now accrued close to $2 million, and most people are saying the influx in donations are from people revelling in bitterness about GoFundMe pulling the page (of which the charity’s watchdog are receiving mass complaints over).

ACL have also pledged to donate $100,000 to the cause, on top of existing donations. The campaign now represents a fight for freedom, expression and religion.

The ACL Won’t Say Where The Excess Money Will Go

In an interview with Today Show presenter Deborah Knight this morning, Iles remains pretty shady about where the excess donations will be channelled into. With such a rapid and steady inflow of funds already, there’s little doubt the increased goal of $3 million will soon be reached. So beyond that, people are wondering where the cash is gonna go.

Asked where the excess in donations will go, Iles remained shady, disclosing almost no specific details. He said he ‘would not go into any detail’ about where the extra $3 million will go.

“It will be distributed in a way that is consistent with …”

Knight interrupts: “Distributed where though?”

“It will go to different causes that are completely consistent with the intentions of the original donors,” Iles replied.

Reports and common sense would suggest that Folau’s legal costs won’t even reach anywhere near $3 million, and it looks like the campaign is fast becoming a charity case that’s extended far beyond its original purpose.

Folau has since taken to Twitter to publicly thank the ACL, and those who donated, for supporting him.


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I am humbled by the support I have received from so many of you since Rugby Australia terminated my employment contract after I shared a religious message on social media. To those who have criticised me, I bear no ill will towards you. You have every right to express your own beliefs and opinions. To the thousands of you who donated to my GoFundMe campaign, I am forever grateful. GoFundMe’s decision to shut down my campaign proves the importance of my case; whether you share my faith or believe in my right to express it, attempts to sanction what we believe is a threat to all Australians. I am incredibly thankful for the Australian Christian Lobby, which has not only come to my defence in the media, but generously established a website to receive donations on my behalf. For those not in a position to donate, your support and prayers will make more of a difference than anything else. God bless!

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But it also looks like a fair few of us are publicly broadcasting our intolerance for everything this saga represents.

Sources: IzzyFolau Instagram, Twitter, @katticus28, @MartynLloydIles, @drkerrynphelp, @HarsherFails. 

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