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Churr Bro, Beached Az Is Back With A Climate Change Purpose And We Love That

Your two favourite nutcases are back with a purpose, so prepare to get Teached Az.

Remember in the early days of YouTube when you squeezed into Dad’s office chair in the family study with your mates/siblings/kids from next-door/pets to watch the latest wacky vids? Well prepare to get nostalgic, Beached Az is back. The golden era of YouTube has returned, and it’s got a climate change purpose this time.

It’s been over a decade since we first giggled at the seagull and whale. The Aussie imitation of a Kiwi accent is pretty hard to beat as far as comedy goes. And the guys at Beached Az have decided to put their deadpan humour to higher use, calling out issues facing the future of our oceans in a classic satire piece.

A Multi Episode Season Awaits!

The first new ep was launched on Facebook earlier this week, with new vids to be released every Tuesday. The episodes call out everything from capitalist greed to the uselessness of thoughts and prayers to the escalating climate crisis.

The political satire doesn’t end there – a mini-series called Teached Az will be released alongside it. It’ll see the climate-sceptic seagull chat to experts in science and conservation to get into the issues a lil deeper.

Check out the return of the fresh Beached Az series below!

Image Source: Robot Army, Beached Az YouTube

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