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Classic Bachie Honey Badger Quotes That Are Basically Our Lives

Ah yes Bachie season is amongst us again, and as Nick The Honey Badger Cummins takes on the reigns as our eligible lad this year, it could well be the best time of our lives really.

You gotta’ hand it to the Channel 10 folk too, I mean it’s always been a show that has brought the girls and women together. But it’s never really caught wide-scale interest for the gents out there. But with Cummins set to dish out more lines than a banking executive at the Christmas party, it’s certainly piqued some interest from both sexes.

The Honey Badger is of course very well known for his banter, so here are a few times where his thoughts have been close to home for us millennials.

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“Couldn’t understand a word he said, he meant well. I know that.”

Remember when you walked into that hostel in Europe, and the Spanish receptionist with awful English told you about the main places to go and where your room actually is? Yeah, that.

“He was sweating like a bag of cats at a greyhound meet before the game.”

That feeling when you have done absolutely jack all on an assignment/project and have to present back to the class/office.

“Sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage, actually.”

Nah but actually, I have to pay rent this week and I have $13 in my bank account.

“Last year we were all sizzle and no steak, but now we’re off like a bride’s nightie.”

When you got like 3 matches on Tinder all of last year, but got 100 just this week. #Form

“You’ve got to show the patience of the Dalai Lama initially to get that gig. And when it comes round be ready to strike. Tonight, unfortunately, wasn’t the night for us.”

Guys get pumped for touch footy tonight, first game of finals!! I made a playlist, psych UP! Lose 27-0.

“It’s tough stringing a line together with a good sort standing next to you in her grunders.”

No but actually even when a potential fully-dressed SO is standing next to me I have no clue what to say, so that’s fine.

 “I’ve been doing it a good five years now. Lucky for me every bugger fell over and I got a gig.”

Honestly, I have zero skills, zero prospects, and I’ve been in this corporate job for ages now. How am I getting paid for this?

“When the aircon shits itself and she’s hotter than a flat screen tv in a pawn shop.”

Aka when you get free tickets to a gig and everyone suddenly becomes your best mate.

“One of the stories that inspires me, is that it is documented, that a honey badger killed a lion in a one-on-one.”

Giving hope to all of us little David-sorts out there.

‘I’m going to get out there and just go bananas.’

The opposite of what we tell our parents we’re going to do at every festival we ever go to.

“He was huffing and puffing and, mate he did well, he always does, he’s a tough rooster.”

Definitely not what most of our female partners think after sex.

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