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Club Penguin Is Back Baby, And Everyone Gets A Free Membership

See you on the ice.

There’s nothing quite like having millions of adults moping in isolation to bring back one of the iconic games of all time. Club Penguin is back baby, bigger and better and with a free membership for all users – so online isolation parties are about to get lit.

The original Disney-owned site went live in 2005 (what a time to be alive), then tragically shut down in 2017 due to an apparent decrease in popularity. RIP to the most iconic game of the 2000s.

This new revival isn’t actually the original game – it’s called Club Penguin Online, and it’s already got over 6 million users. It’s not by Disney, and TBH I don’t know who created it – but they’re national heroes in my eyes. Oh, did we mention that membership is free too? Time to cure your cabin fever.

Of course, everyone is absolutely flocking (hehe) to Club Penguin, and the users are mostly adults memeing.

Considering this is coming just after the new Animal Crossing was released, you now have zero need to ever be outside again. I’m thinking it’s 8 hours on Animal Crossing, 8 hours on Club Penguin, and then 8 hours of sleep. Not necessarily in that order.

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