Cockatoo Tearing Bird Spikes Off Buildings In Katoomba Is The Energy You Need This Week

Cockatoo in Katoomba goes viral for tearing bird spikes off of buildings.

In a world where rules are rampant, injustice is present and oppression is often at the forefront, an unlikely hero comes to send a strong message. This week, the knight in shining armour was a cockatoo in Katoomba. The bird was found tearing bird spikes off of buildings, tossing them to the ground and boasting that he won’t fuck with these anti-bird antics. He’s all action, no talk and we love to see it.

This video quickly went viral on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, and needless to say, people are really vibin’ with this bird’s energy. I mean, in this world, we have to stand up for ourselves. So if there’s something you’re struggling to get off your chest, something you’ve been on the frits of but you’ve felt a bit discouraged let this bird be your inspo.

Bird spikes have been installed to keep birds from perching off the ledges, and this cockatoo just said, “fuck that, me and my crew perch wherever the fuck we want.” So, the bird went and reportedly tore two dozen bird spikes off buildings around Katoomba. It’s the exact amount of confidence and power I needed in my life this week.

And the funniest part about this is, this cockatoo is actually a bit of a known vandal around Katoomba. So like, he’s got far more anarchist antics than just this one. He’s like the local bad boy we all can’t help but love.

An Aussie writer, Stilgherrian, has since come out on Twitter to call this bird, “a thief and a liar”. And I’m sorry, but this commentary is the highlight of my week.

This local bad boy was reportedly found at Town Center Arcade near Katoomba Street near The Blue Mountains. So on your next venture to the mountains, make sure to watch out for any illegal behaviour. Because apparently, there’s a feathered bandit on the loose.

Image Source: Pexels. 

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