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Coco Pop Martinis Are Here And Our Lactose Intolerance Is Takin’ A Back Seat

Stomach pains, indigestion and wildly uncomfortable bloating are all things I’d much rather avoid. Yet staying true to my ridiculously dare-devilish self, I like to test the boundaries a little. What’s a little coco pops and milk without a good dose of debilitating stomach cramps?

Nothing, and I’ll eat ’em every goddamn time. And to feed my lactose-intolerance-denial, The Bait Shop Sydney are bringin’ out coco pop martinis and it’s gonna be one heck of a big night.

When I say big, I mean stomach pains and all.

On Saturday June 29th, The Bait Shop are hosting a coco-poppin’ shindig for Ariana Grande’s birthday and you’re all invited. The milky goodness will be served from 9pm-11pm at El Topo, Sydney – just in time for you to duck on home as you cope with the milk-martini aftermath.

Drink these coco pop martinis at your own risk, kids. Know your lactose limits; situate yourself close to a bathroom.

For more info, check out the event details here.

Sources: Giphy, Bait Shop Party. 

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