Coles & Woolies Are Limiting Groceries, Grog, And Shopping Hours In Victoria’s New Restrictions

There is absolutely no need to panic buy.

In response to Victoria’s stage four restrictions, Coles and Woolies supermarkets in Melbourne’s metro area are re-introducing purchase limits and reduced trading hours to prevent panic buying.

As of today, limits will be placed on fresh produce (including meats and veggies), frozen goods and long-life products (like pasta and long-life milk), and dozens of other items. Oh, and toilet paper, too.

All Coles supermarkets (and grog shops) across Melbourne will be closing their doors at 7:45pm. Last shoppers will be allowed inside at 7:30pm, another 15 minutes before closing.

These restrictions will apply to all Coles supermarkets and affiliated grog shops.

Coles Express stores won’t follow the reduced hours because servos are considered essential business (phew). So you don’t need to stress if you run out of milk at 7:50pm.

Nonetheless, there will be limits on how many people are allowed inside.

Product limits have also been introduced across Coles and Woolworths.

In Coles, a two pack per customer limit has been placed on minced meat, chicken breasts, and chicken thighs.

Meanwhile, Woolworths supermarkets have introduced similar restrictions.

Woolies customers are limited to 2 packs of pork, lamb, beef, and chicken, 1kg of goods from the butcher and deli, and 2kg on carrots, onions, and potatoes.

The fresh food people have also announced a two item purchase limit on a whole trolley of other products from cleaning products, to baking ingredients, to canned foods to frozen fruit and veg, eggs, juice, milk, bread, and more.

Limits will be reviewed on a daily basis, according to a statement released by Coles.

“We ask that you only buy what you need to ensure everyone in our community can purchase the products they need,” the statement reads.

As long as you’re staying within your 5 kilometre limits, then there’s no need to panic. Or panic buy.

You’ve got this Victoria, we all believe in you!

Image Sources: Twitter (@AshleyLeahy, @BHRRC)

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