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This Guy Has A Console Set Up In The Back Of His Uber And It’s A Game Changer

Okay, America, you’ve done at least something right this year. This rideshare driver from Chicago has switched up the Uber experience by setting up this tablet and controller in the back of his car so you can play games whilst you get from A to B. The perfect answer to being stuck in traffic. And definitely worth a 5-star rating, any day of the week.

This is the backseat setup of my car. I drive for rideshares in Chicago, and this thing paid for itself the first weekend I used it. from r/gaming

Games include Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart and NBA Jam amongst a heap of others. So there’s no reason to be staring out the window solemnly on your journey to work.

The post has already gone viral on Reddit after being put up only 6 hours ago, and people are applauding the man for his business skills.


And with the tipping culture in the US, there’s no doubt this man is going to be raking in the $$$. So here’s hoping that some savvy Uber driver brings a set up like this to Australia pronto so we can get a Mario Kart comp going post night out. That’s if you’re not vomming or snoozing on the way home.

Image Source: Nintendo

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