Contiki Is Throwing Ya 25% Off These Europe Summer Trips So Get On It

Even better – they’re putting sustainability to the front.

Ah yes, Contiki. Are your holidays even real if you haven’t seen 1291741034 Instagram posts of girls lounging on Greek beaches? We all know that tragic FOMO of scrolling through pictures of everyone’s Europe trips while you wish you had actually organised a plan for yourself.

Well, fear no more! Contiki has just released a bunch of new Europe trips for their 2020 summer, and if you book by 31st of October, you can get up to 25% off!

If you’re like me and watch Hot Girl Summer Insta stories from the backroom of your retail job, then this is for you – a deal that’ll push even the brokest of us to go out and experience the world!

And if you’re on the fence about, I’m going to push you right over with this next bit – they’re actually putting a focus on sustainability and ethical trips – so you can feel good about splurging.

Contiki are now trying to focus on sustainability and ethics in their travels. They’ve teamed up with groups like London-based Unseen, a not-for-profit that trains former homeless people to become guides, or a group of Syrian refugees who give walking tours in Berlin.

Here are some of the new trips they’re putting out. And btw – this is the biggest deal on a new trip for Contiki, ever.

Portugal City & Surf – $1788

Lagos, Portugal.

1 Country, 9 days. Was $2235, now from $1788.

Lisbon > Fatima > Coimbra > Porto > Aveiro > Obidos > Santa Cruz > Evora > Lagos > Lisbon.

London To Berlin By Train – $2022


4 countries, 8 days. Was $2695, now $2022.

London > Paris > Amsterdam > Berlin.

Berlin To Budapest By Train – $1909

Matthias Church, Budapest.

4 countries, 9 days. Was $2545, now $1909.

Berlin > Dresdin > Prague > Kutna Hora > Vienna > Budapest.

Rome To Barcelona By Train – $2284

Rome, Italy.

3 countries, 9 days. Was $3045, now $2284.

Rome > La Spezia > Nice > Montpelliar > Barcelona

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Get on it guys – head over and check out the other deals. 

Image Sources: Unsplashed, Pexels. 

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