Could Texting Your Partner Too Much (Or Too Little) Damage Your Relationship?

Texting in a relationship is a tough one. You may, yourself, be one of those people who basically only uses your phone in an emergency or the total opposite.. glued to it 24/7. Of course, there’s a healthy balance between texting your partner, overloading them, or even ignoring them. There’s no definitive answer, but creating a healthy texting relationship is sure to help communication between you and your partner.

Remember They Do Work…

If your partner has a job, and a stressful one at that, there is no way they’re going to be sat on their phone texting you all day. They might get the opportunity to reply quickly on their lunch break or when they nip to the toilet, but never expect them to be replying the second you text them. Patience is key. If you need something urgent, just try giving them a call.

Check In On Them

Texting, IMO, is more effective when you send something meaningful. If your partner isn’t a huge texter, or you yourself are rubbish at sending messages all day, a short one just to check in on them will always be appreciated. It can be as little as “hope you’re having a good day” or “how you going?”, which really requires minimal effort in exchange for a smile on their face.

Strictly No Fighting

Try your best not to argue over text. If something’s bothering you, wait until you see them, or at least pick up the phone and give them a call. Getting annoyed in the heat of the moment means you might just shoot of something you don’t mean or wouldn’t say to your partner face-to-face. And here’s the big thing, folks, once you’ve said it, there’s no erasing them.

Get Cheeky..

Texting doesn’t always have to be about asking your partner to pick up milk on their way home. Keep things interesting and send them a cheeky picture or two once in a while. There’s something about receiving a naughty text from your partner at 2pm under the office table, no?

Remember Those Things Called Calls?

If you’re not great with your words, the easiest option would be to pick up your phone and actually call your partner. It’ll be nice to hear their voice instead of just reading your screen. I mean, you don’t have unlimited minutes on your contract for nothing.

All in all, it’s hard to gauge how much you should text your S.O to keep your relationship healthy. Communicate with your partner to see what they think about it. If you live with each other, there’s not so much need to be texting all day whereas if you live away from one another, maybe its a good idea to keep checking in. In truth, there are no rules so make your own.

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