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Courts Across The Globe You’ll Want To Shoot Hoops At

In honour of never becoming but equally admiring Lebron, Jordan and James, we started to zone in on world’s best basketball courts, only to discover a world of killer courts to get those Jordans out. Basketball is to the USA what footy is to Aussies,  glorified from NYC college life to street culture.

While Brooklyn, NY may be the place to feast your eyes on some of the best courts, (i.e they’re as ubiquitous as street art) there’s plenty of exploring to do from the Phillipines to Paris, Hong Kong and Croatia.

Brooklyn Heights, Pier 2


As part of a recreational centre, the court scored 100/100 on Wall Street Journal in terms of size, playing surface, baskets and courts. They offer both undercover and open courts, so weather can’t ruin the game. There’s also handball and bocce facilities onsite. Manhattan skyline view, what it doooo?

Taguig City, Philippines

phillipenes basketball court

Nike Immortalized Lebron at the Tenement basketball court in Bitucan, Taguig City, much to the resident’s delight — all 5K of them at that. The space is actually an abandoned parking garage, which adds to the underground vibe. You’ll find the signature of Le Bron himself on the court, who attended the  ceremony unveiling the mural painted by local artists.

“It’s humbling to know that you’re inspiring people all over the world” he said.

Yet you wont find three point lines or traditional court markings which is a welcome trade off for such inspiring art.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Court

Imagine having a court on your roof? Well in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, they do. The contrast of ancient walls housing such modern basketball court against blue waters make for some picturesque views. The only trade off is that the court formation prevents a full court game. Solo practice it is!

Paris, France


Pigalle Basketball Court is very Frenchly, nestled between apartments in Rue Duperré. Parisian brand, Pigalle teamed up with Studio III in 2014 to produce this colour-blocked rubber court, to celebrate the launch of the then new Pigalle Basketball 2015 line. Colour cues are taken from Russian artist Kasimir Malevich’s piece, ‘Sportsmen’.

Toronto, Canada

David Crombie Park Bora vs Bora

Regulars say this is the nicest basketball court in Toronto, while it isn’t snow covered of course. FYI, it’s located in David Crombie park, with an unmistakable view of Toronto’s CN tower and features space for ever changing murals. We dig it.

Ngau Chi Wan, Hong Kong

choi hung henryhwu

Situated at one of the oldest housing estates — Choi Hung Estate — in HK, this multicoloured basketball court is as eye catching as the apartments above it. Choi Hung actually means rainbow… go figure. Many on the search for this one often get lost but we’re here to disclose the secret key: it’s actually above the carpark.

Originally published on The Cut, the cultural centre of the entire world.

Image source: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, WSJ, Bora vs Bora, Henryhwu, Sebastien Micheline, StudioForma.

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