‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Rachel Bloom Just Made An Crazy Ex-citing Announcement

“Might as well do it at an Emmy press conference”

Rachel Bloom, a la the internet’s favourite ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’  has had a big 24 hours.

Shortly after scoring her first Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics at the Creative Arts ceremony, the one-woman comedy-musical machine announced she is expecting her first child.

So, So Happy for you Rachel!

She told the press conference she was “going to post an Instagram” but, honestly, why not cap off an epic win than announcing you’re three months pregnant?

…I get to tell my child that she was with me when this happened, which is really fucking cool!

Yes, really cool – like Beyonce whipping open her sequined jacket to reveal her lil’ bump on the VMA’s stage. Pretty cool.

After dating for six years and tying the knot in 2015 with husband (writer and producer of ‘How I Met Your Mother’) Dan Gregor, this will be the couple’s first child together. And I think we can all be certain that this kid is gonna have at least 200 funny bones in their body.

She made the announcement alongside co-writers Adam Schlesinger and Jack Dolgen who shared in her award for ‘Antidepressants Are So Not A Big Deal’. Bloom has been nominated for six Emmys throughout her career, with only one not being for ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’.

Rachel took to Twitter after the ceremony to thank her supporters and co-creators who have helped her write over 150 original songs throughout the show’s four-season run.

And we won’t have to wait too long for more of the lyrical, comedy genius that is Rachel Bloom, with the fourth (and final, how sad) season of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ dropping on Netflix September 30.

Congrats, Rachel! If you ever need a baby sitter, hmu.

Image Sources: GIPHY, Twitter (The Hollywood Reporter, @THR)

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