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How To Create A Productive Workspace

Before the juices start to flow and your epic brainwave moment happens, you need a fresh clean space for this to happen in. No matter where you like to get down to business, here’s a few guidelines to ensure your creativity will flourish. Procrastination be gone.


There is no doubt everyone loves the warmth and we’re that much more productive while sun kissed. A little sunlight goes along way in a workspace. It has been proven to increase your mood and overall well being when we’re in that creative zone. So place your desk near a window or in a position where the rays will reach you. You will find bringing the outside warmth in will boost your productivity.


Sticking to the environment theme here, if there is anything you need on your desk or in your office space it is definitely a plant. Whether it be a cactus or a small fern, having a plant in your space will not only look good but will increase the oxygen levels in the room. Win win. Start with a succulent or two if you’re less reliable with greenery. 


Everyday once you’re finished your hard brainwork take 5 minutes to reorganise and de-clutter your desk. If you find piles of paper staking up and unnecessary dishes, clear the place ASAP. Compartmentalise and leave your space strictly for your work. Next time you go to your space it will be clean and fresh and you’ll be ready to begin right away. 

Use storage containers and boxes

It makes a large difference if you organise your documents in their place. Not only will it be easier for you to locate but you also get the opportunity to customise your desk with a colour scheme and justify that Officeworks trip. By grouping and labeling your office items, you’ll have better clarity as to how to better organize different items and put them into the right segments.

Have inspirational reminders

In order to stay constantly inspired and motivated to work, you need those reminders around your workspace. Consider putting up an inspirational post-it note or a photograph to remind you of your #goals and dreams. It’s easy to loose motivation and get distracted by tonnes of work as it constantly piles up. Cut through any brain freezes with a little typography to make you hustle. 


The colours around us all have an effect on our moods and brain function. It evokes both a physical and emotional response. So choosing the right colours for your workspace has the ability to affect your productivity. For instance, blue has been said to illicit productivity.

Mind you, too much of anything can be overwhelming, even colour. If you’re not up for re-painting your space (please check with your landlord first) or you’re in an office situation, bring in items of stationery or re-pot your plant in a complimentary colour. 

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