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How To Cure Your Travel FOMO With Limited Dollars

No more Insta anger.

Have you ever been scrolling through the social feeds while tucked in bed, to find that literally everyone is overseas? If they’re not eating a croissant in front of the Eiffel Tower, they’re waltzing though Central Park with a Starbucks coffee (why you’d commit that type of coffee suicide I have no idea.) The notion of travel is enough to get anyone excited, but while you’re raring to have the adventure of a lifetime, your bank account may have other thoughts, a resounding ‘no’, being the key one.

One thing’s for sure though, you don’t have to be left behind. So pack your suitcase, because here are some sweet ways that you can give your FOMO a swift kick to the curb.

Plan A Trip Interstate

When people hear the word ‘travelling’, most would think of a trip to another country. However, what we often forget is that we don’t always have to leave the country for the experience to count. If you’re having to be a little more stringent, but want to get away, booking a trip interstate is a way that you can cure your wanderlust and experience new fab sights in your own backyard.

Chuck on a playlist and road trip with mates down the coast for a week, stay in a cabin and go hiking through a rainforest. You can even go up north and find a beach that looks like one in Bali (they exist). Or explore hidden wonders in a capital city. Whatever you do, you’re bound to create great memories that you’ll cherish.

Earn Cash For Travelling

If you’re tired of being bombarded with the smiling faces on holiday and want to do the bombarding for a change, lo and behold, working while travelling might just be what you need. Not only does this give you the opportunity to travel to the destinations on your bucket list, but it’ll also provide you with the funds to keep exploring.

AmeriCamp has some killer programs, where for some crazy and fabulous reason they will actually pay you to travel. Just for working at one of their camps across the country, your accommodation, meals (legit, no more ramen – for a few weeks at least) + insurance will be free of charge. New friends is a complete given and of course you’ll also have plenty of time to do your own travelling across the country (with these new mates perhaps.) Of course, let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – the hearty wage you’ll receive (we’re talking nearly two thousand dollar dollar bills, y’all).

Get Your Sign Up On

Overseas trips can often rack up big dollars quickly, so act smart. Sign up to every airline website and deals company known to man – and do a regular check (hot tip: maybe even create a pseudo email account just to sign up for these emails you didn’t hear that from us.) But you’ll be seriously amazed at how many companies will do insane deals, especially when booking for an off-peak period or to fill up flights.

Low seasons might not be the tourist guide front page to the country of choice (ie Winter in Europe), but big savings are there to be had. For example you can grab an 11-day, fully serviced and accommodated trip for two to India for just over $1,000 on GroupOn. With return flights starting at around $1,100, you’re talking about a trip to India for UNDER $3,000! Madness. South East Asia is also your friend for cheap getaways if you keep a keen eye on booking times (Escape Travel, Expedia & Last Minute also running some cheeky little deals.)

Base A Short Trip Around A Festival

A blond woman with a rose tattoo on her arm looking back at the camera at an outdoor party

If the time off work or study is impossible, think local shenanigans of the highest order. Festivals are short and sweet (don’t always have to be of the musical variety but also highly recommended), and while they often aren’t the cheapest you can hero your trip around one. Whether it’s a one day event or three to four day bender, they provide a years-worth of fun jam packed into a short timeline.

And personally, some of my most memorable trips have come when you and a few buds road trip a few hours away for three or four days, with a festival almost acting as the crown jewel item of your plans. No thousands of dollars required, and hey festivals tend to bring the world to you. You don’t have the big expectations of overseas travel, meaning it’s sure to over-deliver on the fun times and mischief.

Amazing Holiday House Adventures

Remember you and your ten best mates chipped in $50 each to get a stretch pink hummer to the formal? Yeah well think of this as the adult version of that. Airbnb has some straight up incredible holiday houses around the country that become surprisingly cheap when you round up a decent crew. Let the venue do the talking, do a big food and booze shop, pack a decent pair of bluetooth speakers and you’ll feel like ballers while spending less than a weekend on the town.

Are you dying to get out of the country, but can barely afford more than toast for dinner? Well, you’re in luck friends. Our mates at AmeriCamp are hooking you up with the chance to not only travel through the United States, but also get paid sweet, sweet ca$h to do it! Simply click here or fill the form below to apply, and you could be packing your suitcase sooner than you think.

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Image Source: Jared Rice, NYE In The Park / Kai Godeck / 10RF Media @snapped_by_kai

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