Dan Bilzerian Is Running Against Kanye For President In 2024 And I’m Officially Done With America

Will the Americans elect a playboy or a rapper??

Dan Bilzerian made an appearance last night at the event of the year. The playboy was seen at the Logan Paul vs KSI fight at The STAPLES Centre in LA. He was stopped out the front of the venue by TMZ, who asked him a few questions about poker and running for office.

Bilzerian revealed that he has attended Kevin Hart’s poker games and that he plans to run against Kanye for president in 2024. The TMZ camera guy asks the famous playboy what he thinks of Kanye running for president. Bilzerian replies, “I mean, better than Hilary...”

Bilzerian continues, “I think he’ll be running against me, we’ll see.” 

The camera man asks if he’s serious and if he’s really going to do it. Bilzerian confirms with, “2024 yeah, I think that will be enough time to get my shit done.”

TMZ has decided to take this as Dan Bilzerian’s official presidential proclamation. They are now questioning who will receive President Trump’s endorsement. However Bilzerian himself thinks that Kanye has probably got that in the bag. Ye and Trumpy are pretty good mates, lets not forget that.

For those who are unaware, Dan Bilzerian is basically a professional playboy. He is an Instagram celebrity known for posting photos of himself travelling the world with groups of beautiful women, who are usually ambassadors for his brand ‘Ignite.’ Ignite is a retailer and distributer of premium cannabis products.


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Bilzerian has also had a career as an actor, in films such as War Dogs and made his millions through professional poker playing. In 2014 he claimed to have won $50 million throughout the year from playing poker.

The 38-year-old is known for his extremely lavish lifestyle and heavy drug abuse, which has already caused him to have 2 heart attacks. With this in mind, I honestly don’t know how he thinks he could run a country…? America really isn’t spoiled for choice in 2024, but I would probably take the Christian over the playboy partying, poker player. God bless America!

Image Sources: Instagram, TMZ,  Unsplash

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