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Dangerously Good Drinking Games For A Movie Night In

Who doesn’t love a night in with friends to watch a couple movies, especially with the cold weather becoming more prominent? With a group of mates comes a lot of potential to have a ripper night with a drinking game or two. And why not? You’re already home and you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas. The combo is nothing if not ideal. So, choose a flick with a tonne of references and humorous plot-lines and let the magic happen. If you’re wanting to take it further, chuck a musical in there like High School Music or Mamma Mia (great time) and you’ll get to sing in a disorderly manner. Yes please.

The Hat Game

The essence of this game is exactly this; you place a hat of some sort on the corner of your television. When the hat matches up with someone’s head to look like they’re essentially wearing it, you take a drink. For more effective game play, you can place a hat on the other side of the television. If, by some chance, two heads look like they’re wearing the two hats simultaneously, you get to down your drink.

Take A Drink When Something Is Said

The sky is the limit with how much you add to the list, and the movie you choose to play with. Put on a classic with memorable dialogue, like Mean Girls (seriously, do it.) You could either find a list of phrases on the internet to work from, or you could make your own, depending on how specific you want to get.

Take A Drink When An Action Is Taken

Watching something where the main characters have a go-to mannerism, or are constantly doing something stupid or funny. Movies like Deadpool, The Hangover or American Pie would be ideal for a game like this one. You could drink whenever Deadpool does something in slow motion. Or drink whenever Alan does something he shouldn’t. Maybe even drink when any of the American Pie characters try to do something sexual.


Much like the phrase and action lists, you can make your own to cater to what you and your mates might think is funniest. Each bingo card can be a little different and naturally, each square can be worth a different level of drinks. If you’re all into a little healthy competition, then by all means, go for your lives.

Image source: Huayi Brothers Pictures, Bright/ Kauffman/ Crane Productions and Sony Pictures Television

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