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Date Ideas That Are Way Better Than Netflix And Chill

A little effort will go a long way, trust.

Let’s face it, dating can be hard. Sometimes, the trickiest part can just be trying to think of something fun to do. So cozying up on the couch with someone you’re into and binge-watching crime docos often feels like a great option. And sure, your partner might find your butt-groove on the cushion (after not moving for five episodes) cute. But, if you want to impress them, it may be time to come up with some new ideas.

Whether you’ve been dating for a while and need to get out of a rut, or you want some first date-spiration, here are 10/10 date ideas that will get you out of your Netflix and chill routine.

Check Out An Art Gallery

Don’t just watch Netflix Originals about art, live them. Whether it’s a new opening or an ongoing collection, there’s nothing better (or more romantic) than strolling around an art gallery. Art is interesting, there’s something for everyone, and it’ll give you and your date something to talk about besides what snacks to pair with your movie.

Show Off Your Chef Skills

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: the foundation of any great relationship is food. So, leave the TV off, light some candles and cook a meal for your special someone – they won’t be able to resist. It doesn’t have to be fancy, either. Any effort you put in will show your date you care.

Go On A Picnic

Nothing says romance like a picnic. Whether it’s at the beach, in the park or on your apartment rooftop, a picnic can be a great way to relax and get to know your date. Even better, it’s totally easy. A cute, rustic basket filled with wine and some nice cheese is all you need for the perfect date.

Splurge On A Weekend Away

You’re probably going to want to date for a while before whipping this one out, but when you do, it’ll be worth it. Pick a cozy Airbnb, bring a pack of cards and leave your phones (and Netflix password) at home. Spending some quality time together away from your day-to-day lives, is the best way to become closer.

Go On An Adventure

Sometimes the best dates are the ones you don’t plan. Take a drive in any direction and see where you end up. You’ll get a chance to chat without distraction, listen to your favourite tunes and enjoy some nice scenery along the way. Or, you could leave the car at home and explore your neighbourhood on foot.

Get Your Game Face On

No, I’m not talking about emotional games (leave those for the rom-coms). I’m talking real games. Go to an arcade, try your hand at bowling or play mini golf. If you’re an expert, you’ll be able to show off your skills. And if you’re not, well, nothing says true love quite like embarrassing yourself in public. Plus, some healthy competition is the perfect way for you and your date to get your flirt on.

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