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Dating In The Digital Age: The New Set Of Rules

There is still no denying that our quest for love is as strong as ever. However, dating in the digital age means our obstacles have become more diverse and complicated than ever before. In some ways though, we can thank the magical online world, where singles to jump on and look for potential hook ups, quick dates or in some cases true love.

In saying this, the laws of dating have most definitely changed and with this come a whole bunch of new rules.

#1 No Expectations Or Promises

It’s becoming more and more uncommon for your family and close friends to introduce you to a potential partner. Intentions have changed and with it the possibility of a long-term relationship – we can thank the hook up culture that has risen out of dating apps for this. Of course there are pros and cons to the concept of having no expectations but it is important to put aside the assumptions of dating.

No matter if the intentions of the pair are different, the culture we live in is seeing more and more individuals being monogamous in a relationship, exploring the individuality each person shares with and without the other. Here the individuals are seen more as apart of a dating adventure. Whether or not that includes an exclusive date between two people, no expectations or promises means that you are open to new ventures with many potential individuals.

#2 Prepare To Be Stalked

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You will be Facebooked, Instagram stalked and possibly Googled before you even hit your first date. All your past adventures, achievements and yes, even your past relationships will be present for your potential date to see. If you wouldn’t want your employers to see what you have visible online, why would you want your date to see it? Stay classy and don’t pretend to be someone your not. No one wants to be with a fake and this will be the deal breaker on your very first date.

#3 The Last Minute Invite Is Cool

Be spontaneous, you never know where or when the time for love will reach you. This doesn’t mean that the person has asked four or five potential dates before you and you are the next one in line, be positive and remember that everyone is busy. Jump on for the ride. The way the body responds to spur-of-the-moment events will only heighten the experience you will feel with that person.

You may not be prepared in your favourite outfit or have a chance to book a fancy restaurant, but being yourself in this situation will allow your date to see and connect with you naturally.

#4 Don’t Wait To Be Truthful

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If you are going out on dates and you enjoy your time with that person tell them. Although technology has transformed the way we meet people, ensure you use the instantaneous triumphs of our social world to tell your date that you enjoyed your time together. Don’t wait and dwell on the time you spent together, message them as soon as possible. Tell them how you feel. If you want to see that person again, tell them, and if you don’t, be polite and thank you for the time you spent together. Take every experience as it comes, learn from it, as it will add to the creation and betterment of you as an individual.

#5 No One Likes Games But Don’t Rely On Instant Exclusivity

Emotional games are not good for our psyche. If you can’t ask your date questions about how you feel or you’re intimidated about what they would say then what you two are engaging in is a waste of time. Use your words; what you say is a reflection of you as a person and what you value. If you can’t be true to yourself how can you expect the other person to be?

Unless you have had the talk (preferably face to face) about becoming exclusive do not count your date to be 100% loyal. Is he/she still swiping on Bumble? Are they adding new photos to their profile? So what? Your date is living their life and that shouldn’t stop you from doing the same.

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