All Of The Dating Dilemmas We’ve Experienced In Our 20s

Are you grown-up enough to get on this rollercoaster?

Dating in your 20s has to be one of the biggest rollercoaster rides you will ever go on.

For many of us that aren’t in a long-term, committed, super loved-up relationship, finding your other half is almost as exhausting as hunting down your dream job. And (probs) more painful.

No matter what dating dilemma comes up, find solace in the fact that we’ve all been there.

We’ve all suffered through many stagnant first-date conversations. Everyone’s tried to subtly wipe away the aftermath of a God-awful first kiss. We’ve all been stood up – or, if they do rock up, feel like we’ve been set-up with a completely different person than the one we were chatting up on Tinder. We’ve all met many interesting friends and family members (to be polite).

You are not alone. But surely that counts as a first date conversation starter, right?

They Look Nothing Like Their Tinder Profile

Dating apps seem to be where most the 20s population go to find a love connection. Don’t deny it, you’ve been swiping. Because it’s much easier to slide into DMs than to approach a cutie in the real world (ugh).

But surely, one of the most disappointing (and scary, tbh) things about heading on a date with a Tinder boo is that their real-life face and persona is a little cat-fishy compared with their profile persona. We’re not talking minor differences – tbh, who doesn’t do a little tweaking to present your very best?! But when you set up a date with Prince Harry and end up sharing spaghetti with Charles, it’s fair enough to feel a little bamboozled.

You’ve Dated Caspar The Ghost

You’ve gone on a few dates, sparks were flying, and there was definitely a good vibe between you.  But when you follow up with a text (or five), they’ve dropped off the face of the earth. But, wait? They follow you on just about all of your socials – they even endorsed you on LinkedIn – and they literally just liked your latest post? What’s the go? Hmm… nope. We don’t have time for ghosts here. Thank u, next.

You’ve Assumed The Role Of ‘Parent’ Too Early

There is a reason many 20s-era relationships don’t make it past the two-month anniversary. Because someone decides to assume the role of legal guardian. And that’s not okay.

Unfortunately, some people don’t understand that their 20s are a period of maturing into some semblance of an adult. Which means that, even more tragically, many of us have been trapped into cooking dinner, cleaning, paying for everything, and generally keeping the shit together for two. If that sounds like you, then congrats on raising a big baby!

You’ve Been Stuck In Limbo

The dreaded “what are we” chat. Been there, done that. Of course, your 20s are the time to have a little fun, have a fling or two and flip the bird to commitment. I mean, serious relationship? Sorry, don’t know her. But whether you’ve been the attached or the detached, you have most definitely had to try to DTR (define the relationship) with someone at least once.


First Date Duds

If you haven’t had an absolute dud of a first date, have you even been on a date in your 20s? Boring, stagnant conversation, weird body language (hug? shake hands? wtf did they just give me a high five?), money miscommunication. Whatever the failure, we can all bond over the fact that first dates are often super unpleasant. So if you’ve made it to multiple second dates (or more), kudos to you!

Image Sources: GIPHY, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

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